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FIFA 23 on sale by mistake at 60 cents

Some Indian users have managed to grab the new FIFA 23 at the ridiculous price of 4.8 rupees (€0.59). The game, at the time of the pre-order release on the Indian market, was loaded with on the Epic Games Store at a price discounted by 99.8%. The Ultimate Edition should indeed have cost 4799 Indian Rupees (about € 59.00), compared to the 4.8 rupees paid by some players.

EA: “It was our mistake, we will honor the purchase of FIFA 23 even at the wrong price”

EA, noticing the mistake, immediately corrected the price, but guaranteed that those who bought it at a “reduced price” will still receive their copy. Below is the official statement of the company:

“A few weeks ago we scored a rather spectacular own goal, when we inadvertently opened the pre-order of FIFA 23 on the Epic Games Store at an incorrect price. It was our mistake, and we wanted to reassure buyers by reiterating that we will honor all pre-purchases made at that price“.

The new chapter of the most beloved football video game in the world will arrive on September 30th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders for Italy are currently available, but without any pricing errors.

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