Final Fantasy 16, new trailer at the State of Play

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Allo State of Play of yesterday Sony showed the new trailer of Final Fantasy 16also announcing the release period for summer 2023. The new JRPG of Square Enix promises a mix of action and poignant story.

Final Fantasy 16, the new trailer at the State of Play

The new movie alternates cinematic sequences with short moments of gameplay, showing us a taste of what awaits us next year when the game is released. Let’s see in particular the protagonist Clive while performing highly choreographed combos with his own lama. But also magic from the scenographic impact while eliminating some enemies.

Let’s see some classic enemies of the series, such as the Iaguari. Also we see several Eikonincluding Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, Odin, Shiva, Phoenix and Bahamut. And we know better the characters and the world “in turmoil ruled by a tyranny, in which some have decided to fight to regain control of their own destiny”.

The videogame director Hiroshi Takai explained that the game is in the its final stages, with the developers of Square Enix who are working to polish the final details and give fans an epic experience.

Naoki Yoshida he also assured that in the next few weeks the team will speak with various publications worldwide, so there will be plenty of them new details that will emerge about the game. Starting with a few more details about Clive, the protagonist of this new Square Enix fantasy.

We will keep you updated on all the new details, with the aim of arriving in summer 2023 very ready to face the gameplay and explore the plot in the details of the new Final Fantasy 16.

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