Final Fantasy 16: the game was also supposed to come out on PS4

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The producer of Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida, in a recent interview revealed the reason that made it impossible to release on PS4

Final Fantasy 16 will come next month, with a demo which will be released about two weeks before. It is one of the main exclusives of PS5 of this year even if, initially, the development team had considered the possibility of an exit on PS4 just for Final Fantasy 16. The site Final Fantasy Union interviewed the producer Naoki Yoshida regarding the involvement of Sony in the title asking if the collaboration with Sony started when the game was still in development for PS4 or when it was moved to PS5. Yoshida replied that the matter was about “Square Enix and Sony.” and that it is really difficult to add details about it.

Final Fantasy 16: the game was also supposed to come out on PS4

Final Fantasy 16: Here’s Why The Game Won’t Release On PS4

However, the producer later reported: “I can say that during the development we initially intended to launch Final Fantasy 16 su PS4. But while programming, we realized that, to achieve the quality level that we would have been proud of, we would have needed at least an additional year or two of development. So at that point, I had to make a decision. It was like, ‘Okay, we don’t want to prolong development too much. Let’s just do it for PS5‘”. Yoshida did not specify at what stage of development the aforementioned decision was made. However, some potential elements of the PS4 generation, such as the ability to hide loading times in confined spaces, they are still highly visible in gameplay. We remind you that Final Fantasy 16 will be launched on June 22nd are PS5.

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