La Pixel Remaster di Final Fantasy V arriva su Steam e mobile thumbnail

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster arrives on Steam and mobile

La Pixel Remaster di Final Fantasy V arriva su Steam e mobile thumbnail

Final fantasy v is added to the series of Pixel Remaster of the title on PC via Steam and mobile devices. With improved pixel graphics and audio, this remastered version brings a classic from the popular Square Enix series for a new generation. Below we present the launch trailer.

Final Fantasy V arrives on Steam and mobile devices

The fifth chapter of the Square Enix series tells the story of a young and his chocobo, who end up making new friends who will change their destiny. When i Crystals who balance the powers of the world are in danger, the king hurries to help but disappears into thin air.

This new version of Final Fantasy V offers numerous updates and improvements. Among them we find:

  • An updated graphics in 2D pixel style for modern platforms, including the unmistakable Final Fantasy characters created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist who also collaborated on this collection.
  • Fantastic ones rearranged soundtracks under the supervision of the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu.
  • Improved gameplay that includes amodernized interface, of the options automatic combat and much more.
  • General improvements such as i contents of the bestiary, the galleria, the music player and the possibility of save at any time.

Players who decide to purchase the title on Steam prima del 30 November alle 18:00 CET, will receive exclusive bonuses. Among them we find three rearranged songs for the occasion, two backgrounds and the 20% discount. These are the songs included:

  • Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY V (Timelapse Remix);
  • Battle at the Big Bridge (Timelapse Remix);
  • A New World (Timelapse Remix).

You can buy the package that includes all six games in the series Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster to get an additional discount. For more information you can consult the official website.

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