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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

In this guide we will explain how to start your journey in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and give you tips and tricks for tackling the vast expanses that lie outside Midgar

Four long years have passed and the time has finally come to continue the journey of Cloud and companions. Final Fantasy VII Remake it was a huge success with critics and audiences and for this reason the expectations for its sequel are very high. Today we will give you a series of tips that will allow you to better explore Square Enix’s new effort. For now Midgar and its towering reactors are but a memory and territories fraught with danger stand out on the horizon. If you don’t want to get lost in the immense new explorable world and want to face its challenges as best as possible, this guide on how to start Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is right for you.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Explore carefully | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

The Avalanche’s raids through the city architecture dominated by the Shinra building have ended. Now, in fact, countless places and as many destinies have opened up before the party It could happen to anyone to feel disorientated. We advise you to keep calm and take meticulous care in exploring of the various locations you will reach.

What they hide is too important to be left behind and you would bitterly regret having lost something. From new materials to very useful amulets, from evocations to secondary missions: there are many contents created by Square Enix and it would be a real shame not to enjoy them properly. Furthermore, there is a risk of reaching the main contents at too low a level, thus compromising the experience.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Complete Chadley’s tasks | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

Those who played the previous chapter will certainly have met the young Chadley. He, as a former Shinra employee, has not lost interest in research and vi send to complete assignments around the world, promising you handsome rewards. Also in this chapter as in the first Chadley brings with him rare materials that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Some of these are capable of completely changing the experience and considerably facilitating the defeat of the toughest enemies. The young man will also allow you to enter the simulations: real digital arenas where you can challenge the most recognizable creatures of the series and earn unique summons. So, if you want to refine the synergies of your arsenal to the millimeter and ask for the help of prodigious deities, look for the young man in every place you visit. You will not regret it.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Unlock all towers and chocobos | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

We have already seen how important it is to carefully explore the map in the previous part of our guide on how to start Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Now we will give you a couple of tips to make your life much easier in doing so.

In fact, they are abundant within the game environment the classic towers, present in most of today’s open worlds. Climbing them, as is often the case, allows you to clearing the fog in large spaces of the overworld and allowing the approach to dozens of secondary tasks.

But revealing what is hidden is useless if it cannot be reached. Luckily, the iconic and come to our aid inevitable chocobos, which can be unlocked by going to the chocobo ranch and significantly simplify the exploratory phases.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Establish hierarchies | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

From the outset it is strongly recommended to establish which role the various members of our party will play. Having clear ideas about the synergies to be used and the potential of each allows you to optimize the chosen builds upstream and choose what to actively focus on.

Generally it would be advisable to have in the team at least a mage, a DPS and a tank. The former can perform the dual task of releasing heavy elemental spells and healing injured comrades. The second is necessary when beings appear who are highly resistant to magic and can only be scratched by beatings. Finally, it is vital that someone can withstand the harassment of the enemies and heal the team through potions when the situation risks worsening as well as absorb the most powerful moves of the various opponents.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Stay versatile | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

In the previous step of this guide on how to start Final Fantasy VII Rebirth we understood the specific functions of the various party members; now we will discover how to equally maintain the ability to adapt to the most disparate twists of fate.

Both for narrative reasons and for unavailability of the same, certain characters may be absent for some portions of the title. If it is mandatory to use a predetermined team it becomes It is vital to have characters with dual functions. While establishing precise hierarchies, therefore, multiple tasks must be entrusted to anyone, both preparing them for a specific use and leaving them the possibility of covering others if necessary.

So make sure that any combination can benefit a healeressential in longer battles, and a character skilled at engaging ranged enemies. The risk is that you won’t be able to hit the enemy who appears in front of you at all.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Take Bonus Summons | Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

Square Enix has prepared a series of bonus summons for those who have played the previous chapter or the demo, which are capable of completely changing the course of the battles. Now we will explain what to play to get them.

For those who have played Final Fantasy VII Remake, the powerful spirit of the seas will be available: Leviathan while the owners of Episode Intermissionthe expansion starring Yuffie, will be able to count on the bearded man’s thundering fury Ramuh. Finally, who has tried the free demoalready available now on PS5 will get the Kupo amulet and the survival kit.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to start playing

Use the | transmutation as much as possible Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: how to get started

In your wanderings you will come across a huge amount of varied loot. Within this, an important role is played by the resources that you will need craft numerous consumables and armor pieces. Now we will explain how to make the most of this mechanic to simplify your life in the pernicious vastness outside of Midgar.

In the city of Calm you will be able to find the transmuter of objects. This is especially useful since there is a limit on transportable resources which may soon frustrate your efforts in wandering from place to place. Be careful, therefore, to return to the town every now and then to produce what you need and once again satisfy your obsessions with collecting and strengthening.

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