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Fire TV: Amazon blocks custom launchers

The devices Amazon Fire TVamong which we find the highly acclaimed Fire TV Stick range, they will not be able to use custom launchers. An update, in fact, blocks this possibility for users. Amazon’s choice could be linked to the possibility of skipping the advertising that third-party launchers guaranteed to the user. Here are the details:

Custom launchers locked for Fire TV devices

According to some reports appeared online in these hours, Amazon has started releasing a number of updates for its Fire TV devices. With such updates, the company has blocked the ability to use custom launcheri on various Fire TV devices. This choice, not officially confirmed but only indirectly by user testimonials, would be linked to Amazon’s desire to push users to use only the stock version of the software which includes various advertisements. The presence of advertisements is a central element that allows Amazon to keep the prices of its devices very low.

The software is less and less open

In the past, Amazon had already released a series of updates aimed at limit the customization possibilities of Fire TV devices which, compared to the past, are now much more “closed” from a software point of view. We will see what the news on the issue will be. Amazon is unlikely to go back and allow users to unlock the ability to use custom launchers again.

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