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Fitbit Charge 5: the new leak reveals the price and new features

The much talked about Fitbit Charge 5 appeared once again in some leaks, this time with a lot of alleged selling price. A promotional video of the device was just shared on Twitter by SnoopyTech and, in addition to the price, it also revealed some of its characteristics.

Fitbit Charge 5: the new leak reveals the price

Fitbit Charge 5 will reportedly be more expensive than its predecessor, Fitbit Charge 4. Leaked information indicates that the next wearable will debut at $ 179, which is $ 30 more than the Charge 4’s debut price of $ 149.

But the additional cost also leads to additional features, as you surely have already guessed. Along with a more modern design, this year’s model also features a color display instead of a grayscale backlit touch screen on the previous generation model. Fitbit Charge 4 also gets an ECG sensor and many other new features.

The video highlights a new daily score which takes into account various aspects related to our activities, as well as health parameters including sleep and heart rate. The device then recommends the best exercises and workouts for the day. For example, if you didn’t sleep well last night and Fitbit Charge 5 will estimate your body isn’t ready for intense workouts and recommend some recovery exercises like yoga and meditation.

The Fitbit Charge 5 also appears to have a EDA sensor able to measure electrodermal activity, a function previously available only on Fitbit Sense. The rest of the Fitbit Charge 5 specs and features are basically unchanged. We have a built-in GPS, an SpO2 sensor, a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker and many other sensors to track your daily activity and health parameters like in all other models.

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