Fitbit devices help users get back on track in September

I dispositivi Fitbit aiutano gli utenti a ripartire con la routine a settembre thumbnail

I Fitbit devices are great companions for getting back into the routine during September, as per tradition, a month of tradition that brings us to autumn and the arrival of the cold. According to the company, with a Fitbit you can regain control of your physical and psychological well-being.

With a Fitbit you can start the routine again in September with complete peace of mind

Fitbit and the Italian Auxological Institute aim to guarantee a approach that combines physical activity, sleep, nutrition and stress management come key to connect with your well-being. For this reason, a Fitbit device may be the right way to get back to business on a regular basis for next fall.

Fitbit’s proposals allow you to optimize your routine, following the signals of your body and introducing physical exercise into daily activity. The app helps users keep track of their stress level, also evaluating the factors that influence it. To start all over again in September, therefore, Fitbit devices are candidates to be optimal solutions.

The company comment

Giovanni Bergamaschi, Head of Fitbit Southern Europe @Google, comments: “September is always a bit like the threshold of a new beginning. And what better occasion to usher in the season of change by giving priority to well-being achieved during the holidays, with a smartwatch on your wrist that helps you pay more attention to your lifestyle? Regulating the sleep-wake rhythm, controlling nutrition and hydration and distracting yourself with healthy physical activity are just a few examples of what a Fitbit device can help you monitor and improve, better managing your return anxiety and positively influencing your mood “