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Fitbit recalls the Ionics: danger of burns

If you have a Fitbit Ionic stop using it now.
To launch the appeal is the US company that reports a potential burn hazard.
Or rather, in reality it was user reports that informed Fitbit of the problem that promptly intervened to safeguard the health and safety of its customers.

Fitbit Ionic and the danger of burns

The number of reports received by Fitbit is limited but the San Francisco company has preferred not to wait too long. And so today came the official communication explaining to users the potential danger of burns due to battery overheating Of Fitbit Ionic.

The company asks owners of this smartwatch, which is no longer in production since 2020, to stop using it and consult the dedicated website or call Fitbit Customer Service +44 (0) 20 8705 0547.

You will not need to return your Ionic to the company. Users can dispose of the device according to the classic recycling procedures.

“User safety has always been a top priority for Fitbit and out of caution we are voluntarily recalling Fitbit Ionic smartwatches.
We have received a very limited number of reports of cases where the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch battery has overheated, creating a potential burn hazard – according to the US regulatory announcement, the total represents less than 0.01% of units sold. .
These incidents are very rare and the Ionic recall has no impact on all other Fitbit smartwatches and trackers. “

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