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Fnatic React review: the best headphones under €100?

In this review we will analyze the “Fnatic React” gaming headset. Could it be considered as one of the best under €100?

Once we land in the vast universe of gaming headsets, we are often faced with a difficult choice: which pair of headphones will be able to offer us an extraordinary gaming experience? In this crowded scenario, an interesting proposition arises: headphones Fnatic React. With their background in the esports industry and involving the best gamers in the world, this is the first pair of headphones produced by the Fnatic brand. Fnatic React headphones promise to deliver an immersive gaming experience by focusing their features on essential functionality. But what really makes these headphones worth mentioning? By exploring each aspect, we will discover their strengths and possible limitations that could affect the gaming experience. But are we really dealing with a product that deserves attention? To find out, I invite you to immerse yourself in this complete review.

Fnatic React review: the best headphones under €100?

Unboxing and first impressions | Fnatic React review

Inside the box of the Fnatic React headphones, you will find only the essentials. In addition to the quick start guide, you will find the headphones themselves, the detachable microphone and it splitter per il jack audio. The aesthetics of the headphones immediately struck us. The predominance of the color black is evident, but the materials used for their construction are diversified. The headband has a leatherette covering with the Fnatic logo visible on the outside, while the upper part is covered in a comfortable and breathable padded fabric. The ear cups are made of matte plastic, with the company logo in white. The headband is adjustable and connected to the pavilions via aluminum supports. The ear cushions are covered in leatherette and have “L” and “R” markings on the inside to indicate the correct side. On the left pavilion there is the input for the microphone, while the rubberized cable protrudes from the bottom which includes a small controller.

As far as build quality goes, the Fnatic React headphones offer an overall sturdy feel. The aluminum frame gives it solidity, while the headband covered in a combination of breathable fabric and leatherette on top offers a certain degree of comfort. However, we have noticed that the plastic material used for the central part of the ear cups may be less resistant over time.

Fnatic React review: the best headphones under €100?

Feeling | Review Fnatic React

Speaking of the comfort level, the Fnatic React headphones fit comfortably on the head and are relatively light despite their generous dimensions. The leatherette-covered memory foam ear cushions provide pleasant comfort, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience even during long sessions. The softness of the memory foam allows the headphones to gently wrap around your ears, while also providing good acoustic isolation from outside noise.

However, it is important to note that some people may feel a slight pressure on their ears, especially after prolonged use. Furthermore, if you wear glasses, the material of the earpads may not be entirely suitable.

As for the size, the headphones are not extremely compact, but not too bulky either. The weight of 350g is reasonable considering their solid construction. This weight is, however, well balanced.

The build quality of the headphones is evident right away. The build is sturdy and creak-free, while the hinges allow for smooth movement of the headphones. The headband has adequate tension to ensure a secure fit without feeling too tight.

Finally, the standard cable length is 1.2 meters, but a 2.0 meter extension with a splitter at the end is also included to allow for greater freedom of movement. A small con isaccording to our point of view, the material of the cable. This one is rubber and, to be honest, we’ve had some friction during our gaming sessions. Surely a canvas cable would have been more appropriate.

Fnatic React review: the best headphones under €100?

How do they sound? | Fnatic React review

The audio quality of the Fnatic React headphones is satisfactory and offers an overall pleasant sound experience. Thanks to the 53mm drivers, audio is clear, detailed and balanced across the frequency range. Compared to other models that tend to exaggerate the bass to create a more “cinematic” effect, the Fnatic React focuses more on the mids and highs. This choice proves advantageous for competitive games, as it allows crucial sounds such as footsteps and weapon reloads to be clearly distinguished, while audio directionality is managed effectively. The frequency response features a slight dip in the bass range below 100Hz and a slight roll-off in the very high range, ensuring a balanced listen where explosions and gunfire don’t overwhelm other game sounds. Also, with more emphasis in the high range, vocal sounds are clear and natural.

Importantly, the Fnatic React headphones are primarily designed for competitive gaming and are not specifically optimized for listening to music or enjoying multimedia content. It is not possible to adjust the EQ or customize specific frequencies, but this is not a significant problem since the sound is already well optimized for gaming. However, the audio performance is also satisfactory for more casual use, such as watching TV series on Netflix or listening to music, but it is clear that the main emphasis is placed on competitive gaming.

The microphone of Fnatic React headphones is of high quality and offers clear, rich and natural recordings. The presence of a pop filter helps eliminate unwanted breathing sounds during conversations. It is undoubtedly one of the best microphones that can be found on a gaming headsetproviding a good communication experience during the game.

The headphones also offer a good level of noise isolation thanks to the thick memory foam earpads. Although they are not equipped with active noise cancellation, they manage to effectively isolate from the ambient noises typical of a domestic environment.

Fnatic React review: the best headphones under €100?

Let’s sum up

In conclusion, the Fnatic React headphones offer a truly satisfying gaming experience and are firmly positioned as an excellent choice in terms of quality-price. Their solid construction is accompanied by an attractive design that fits comfortably on the head, despite the generous dimensions. The ear cushions covered in imitation leather and padded with memory foam guarantee remarkable comfort even during long gaming sessions, also offering effective isolation from external noise. The overall audio quality of the headphones is really good, with clear, detailed and well-balanced sound perfect for competitive gaming. The detachable mic is great, and the pop filter muffles unwanted breathing sounds. Even if it is not possible to adjust the equalizer, the sound experience remains balanced and pleasant even for more informal use. While not equipped with active noise cancellation, the generous memory foam earpads offer good noise isolation.

Overall, considering the current price of around 65 euros on Amazon, the Fnatic React headphones are undoubtedly a recommended choice for those who want a headset with excellent value for money in the context of competitive gaming.

For competitive gaming

Plus points

  • Comfort
  • Audio quality
  • Isolation
  • Excellent microphone quality

Points against

  • Users with glasses may find them uncomfortable
  • Lack of surround sound
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