Gli smartphone pieghevoli saranno sempre più diffusi: ecco le previsioni per il 2024 thumbnail

Foldable smartphones will be increasingly popular: here are the predictions for 2024

One new report from Canalys anticipates the future growth of foldable smartphones. The market for this particular type of device is growing rapidly and is preparing to experience a real boom over the next few years, also thanks to the progressive reduction in the sale price that will allow a greater number of users to purchase these products.

Strong growth for foldable smartphones in the coming years according to Canalys

The report di Canalys leaves no room for interpretation, the folding smartphone sector is set to record strong growth. According to estimates, the sector will reach 30 million units sold per year by 2024. Currently, the segment is led by Samsung which, thanks to its foldable Galaxy, has dragged the entire sector to a record 8.9 million units sold.

Further growth is expected in the future, also thanks to a progressive lowering of the sale price of the terminals. We remind you that over the next few years other brands will also begin to support the leaflet market. Among the upcoming news, for example, there is the new Pixel Notepad, Google’s first folding smartphone.

It should be noted that, in the meantime, the various producers are planning new investments in research and development and, therefore, it is reasonable to expect many innovations and a general improvement in the quality of the products over the next few years. We’ll see if Canalys’ estimates turn out to be correct.

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