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Football Manager 2022 is officially available

The time has come for all aspiring digital coaches to sit on the sidelines, as Football Manager 2022 has arrived on all platforms. FM22 for PC and Mac is available on Steam and Epic, where you can download and play immediately. Those who are already enjoying the FM22 early access beta will just need to restart their reference client and the game will automatically update to the final version. Additionally, all progress and saved games in single player mode will be preserved.

Football Manager 2022 is officially available

Those who buy the physical version of FM22 will notice that, for the first time in the history of the series, the disc is not included in the package. Instead, there is an activation code to use on Steam.

To celebrate the release of FM22, Sports Interactive has released a launch trailer where the young Spanish phenomenon Pedri talks about how a coach can help the brightest talents reach their full potential and lead their team to conquer the three points on the pitch.

With new features and improvements in all aspects of the game, FM22 takes one of the longest-running series ever to new heights. The score on Metacritic of the game, at the moment, is 87, and critics have pointed out that FM22 is a candidate to be the best chapter ever.

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition also arrives today, available on the Microsoft Store, after the great return, which took place last year, on this platform.

For the first time in history, both FM22 and FM22 Xbox Edition are available since launch on Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, all subscribers to the service can start their career on PC or console * immediately, at no additional cost.

Finally, the squad of the season is completed by Football Manager 2022 Touch (only on Nintendo Switch), available now on Nintendo eShop and FM22 Mobile, downloadable from the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android. Those who pre-ordered on iOS devices will be able to play immediately.

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