Football Manager 2022: trailers, release dates and features

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Sports Interactive and SEGA have officially announced the release date of Football Manager 2022, the highly anticipated football management game. Here’s everything you need to know.

All set for the release of Football Manager 2022

Less than a month to go. This is the news leaked by Sports Interactive and SEGA, who have announced that Football Manager 2022 will be released on November 9th. The game will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store. Good news also for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, who will be able to take advantage of the title for free.

To make the game, Sports Interactive has collected and studied the experiences of professionals and key figures in the world of football. By doing so, she was able to recreate and improve many dynamics, such as those of the transfer market. FM22 is in fact able to convey all the drama, the tension and the vibrant atmosphere of the most delicate moment of the transfer window: the closure.

Improvements have also been made in relations with staff. In addition, the new weekly meeting tries to accurately replicate the way in which real coaches interact with the various trainers and key figures of their team.

In the second episode of In the Studio, a video series presented by James Allcott, there is a rich insight into the game. In the podcast, in the company of James, there are some members of the Sports Interactive team. Among these also Fabrizio Romano, market expert, and Chris Wilder, the former Sheffield United manager. Together the two will discuss how, at times, the boundary between Football Manager and reality is extremely blurred and blurred.

All those who pre-purchase Football Manager 2022 (For PC and Mac), from an authorized SEGA reseller until launch, receive a 10% discount. These will also have the opportunity to sit first on the bench, thanks to theearly access to FM22. This preview phase will be available approximately two weeks before the official launch of the game. Careers started during this phase can be continued in the final version of the game.

All the features of FM22

The title will feature some key features. Let’s find out together:

  • Last market day: the coaches will be informed in detail and in the best possible way of the latest transfers, all the agreements, the market rumors and the offers of the agents thanks to the new hub on the last market day. This will make it a little easier to dominate the market in the frenzied flurry of activity on the last day of transfers. New dedicated screens allow managers to monitor other clubs’ interest in their players. It will be important to take advantage of the opportunities to make agreements with players who are expiring their contracts or to immediately discover the players available in the transfer list.
  • Meetings with staff: these simplify interactions with the key figures who manage the various aspects of the club. Again, the new model is inspired by the experiences of insiders in the real world. The new staff meetings are a weekly appointment that allows the coaches to better organize the preparation of the matches. It will be crucial to establish the long-term development goals of the players and also manage the club structure. Coaches also have the option of ask your staff for specific advice during meetings. This is thanks to a series of new features designed to maximize the usefulness of these meetings.
  • Data Hub: The Data Hub is a brand new section in the FM22 sidebar that houses all the functions needed for data analysis and performance. From here the coaches can consult and study all the metrics related to team performance. Not only that, but it will also be possible to analyze the individual performances of the players individually. Real clubs use the same metrics and analytics methods to improve their performance on the pitch, and finally the players of Football Manager 2022 will be able to do so too.
  • The Football Manager 2022 match engine

    FM22’s match engine marks the beginning of a new era in our eternal quest to create the perfect simulation of what happens on the pitch.

    A new animation engine ensures a level of authenticity on the pitch never before achieved. The movements of the players now appear much more realistic and natural thanks to the implementation of the “root motion” technology, while the touch of the ball in the dribbling and driving phases have been rethought to expand the range of possible movements for the players, who now they can rotate around the ball and perform feints like the famous Cruijff turn.

    Significant improvements to the AI ​​lead to a more realistic flow of passing textures within a match. A new pressing system has been introduced in which players are more aware of their shooting ability and know when they can, or not, go to press their opponents. The accuracy value has also been revised so that the condition of the players has a greater impact on the accuracy of passes, shots and touches than before.

    Another novelty of FM22 concerns the introduction of the wide defensive center, a role that allows coaches to have much more flexibility when deploying the three-man defense. The wide central defenses can be deployed on the field with defense, support or attack tasks, the offensive predisposition involves a greater tendency to overlap to create two-on-one situations.