For Honor: New Hero and Trailer – Here are all the news

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The pirate belongs to a brand new group of heroes: travelers, welcome them along with all the news of For Honor Year 6, from March 17th.

For Honor: here are all the news

Ubisoft announces that the Title Update 2.0 of For Honor Year 5 Season 4 will be released on January 27th. This will add a new Hero archetype to the game: i Pirates. Armed with the typical sabers and pistols, the Pirates are the first of the travelers, a brand new group of Heroes from the most disparate origins. Other Heroes, from the same group, will arrive in the game during For Honor Year 6: Lost Horizons, scheduled to begin the March 17.

But what do we know about these dangerous pirates? Well first of all that water is the only home they know and there is no ship, port or warrior who can save himself from their ferocity. They are courageous and passionate fighters and are characterized by a personal fighting style. The pirates are armed with their razor sharp sabers and their unique pistols. They continue to advance, alternating pistol shots with heavy attacks that chain relentlessly. Extremely loyal to each other, team up with anyone who can help them and fight anyone who gets in the way of them and their targets.

Shelter: the Pirate arrives!

From January 27 it will also be possible to buy the new Hero, the pirate, in first-party stores a 7,99 €. The Pirate will be part of a package that includes the Hero, an exclusive Ornament, an Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three Vulture Crates. It will also be possible to unlock the package in game from 10 February for 15,000 Steel. Along with the arrival of this new Hero, the Free Event Pass offers players exclusive rewards. Additionally, seasonal variations of armor will be available to all Heroes from the launch of Title Update 2.

The Pirates are part of a new group of Heroes: travelers. Hailing from all over the world outside of Heathmoor and not connected to any existing faction, every traveler has different reasons for joining the fight in For Honor. These Heroes will continue to expand the diversity of weapons and fighting styles currently available, which include thirty unique Heroes.

Lost Horizon: Year 6 kicks off on March 17

These newcomers will be the stars of Anno 6: Lost Horizons, expected from March 17. Following the previous five years of constant updates, Year 6 will offer a new year of content divided into six seasons that includes two new Traveling Heroes, additional customization options and other enhancements to the combat experience.

With over 25 million players, For Honor is available for PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices and Windows PC, as well as Ubisoft +. Thanks to backward compatibility it is also possible to play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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