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Forever Bambù launches its NFTs for sustainability

The problem ofpollution it becomes more relevant every day. Every day we are reminded how essential it is to take action to combat climate change, how the situation is increasingly serious. And so more and more innovative ideas are born to face this emergency. The one proposed by Forever Bambù it is undoubtedly one of the most innovative, passing through blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens, the much talked about NFT.

Forever Bambù, from an agricultural idea to a sustainable proposal

Everything was born years ago when Emanuele Rissone discovered the potential of giant bamboo. A plant with particularly innovative characteristics, which was preparing to land in our country. Thinking about the possibilities offered by this product with countless uses, the idea of ​​exploiting it for the CO2 sequestration produced by companies.

That was it spark which led to the creation of Forever Bambù, a leading Italian company in the sector. A company that manages the entire life cycle of bamboofrom planting to production up to the possibility of exploiting its capabilities CO2 compensation for companies. A process carried out in a totally certified and confirmed way.

NFTs beyond speculation

And in all of this what do NFTs have to do with it? The explanation is simple: these technological tools make it possible to guarantee in an unalterable way the uniqueness of each section of the bamboo groves offered to companies interested in mitigating their emissions. Far from the financial speculation they have too often been associated with, the Forever Bambù NFTs, created with the contribution of BCode e Knobs and the strategic consultancy of Finney Hubare the ideal way to ensure that their owners are the only ones who have the usufruct right to each piece of land.

As Rissone himself explained: “The absorption of CO2 on a given lot is an apparently intangible phenomenon. For this reason we have decided to study this new field of application, transforming the commitment to the environment into something tangible, certain and precious, allowing companies that invest with us to become zero impact to have unique certificates, able to evaluate the value of the result obtained and feeling in a certain way the owners of that single plot of plantation.

NFTs have proved to be the ideal tool to do this and we are really proud of what we have created, certain that the market today will have one more reason to continue investing in green practices “.

Sustainability and art

In recent months it has often been discussed how much technology related to the crypto world can have severe relapses on the environment. Of course, this was also addressed by Forever Bambù, who chose to create their own NFTs on blockchain Polygon. This platform, in addition to security, with low transaction costs and speed, can also boast a care from the point of view of sustainability.

The company project also has one special artistic side. After all, this too is a closely related aspect in the common conception of NFTs. And so the company involved the Italian digital artist Nicolò Canova.

The latter created it specially a series of works dedicated to the countless virtues of giant bamboo. Each of these, in different variations, is associated in a unique way to each of the NFTs made by Forever Bambù. A further step for the so-called Crypto Artwhich offers concrete added value to the certificates issued.

Each of Canova’s works tells of these plants as tools capable of having a positive impact on the real world. The dreamlike atmospheres represented by the artist, tell how the giant bamboo can offer a way to a better world, more open to change and ready to face the great challenge of climate change.

With Forever Bambù to achieve ambitious goals

This project, which has already collected awards such as Best Green Innovation Project on the occasion of the Blockchain Revolution Italian Summit in Trento, it is an innovative and original way to approach the problem of climate change. A theme that is made, as we said at the beginning, more current day after day and which requires ever new approaches to be contained.

Emanuele Rissone reiterated this concept, concluding:

“We have great ambitions and we continue to study to further enrich this virtuous and circular path. The more companies that follow us on this path, the more we will be able, together, to bring Italy closer to the first ambitious target of 55% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2030. We at Forever Bambù are ready ”.

For more information on Forever Bambù and its activities, we refer you to the company’s official website.

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