Forge of Empires celebra San Patrizio thumbnail

Forge of Empires celebra San Patrizio

Forge of Empires celebra San Patrizio thumbnail

Forge of Empires and the celebration of St. Patrick. A nearby city will have to prepare the celebrations for the anniversary and gamers will have the task of organizing the most beautiful St. Patrick’s festival ever: remembering that the event will be held from 25 February and will end on 17 March.

A figure above all will be indispensable, that of Paddy McCharms: the festival guide. By completing missions and events in your city, you will get Pots of Gold – items that can be used in the main event window to prepare the party.

But that’s not all because the rest of the things can be produced in the factories of the city and then sent to the festival site by ferry. Once the boat arrives at its destination when the ferry arrives, the goods can be collected and the players will earn Shamrocks: the latter can in turn be used to upgrade both the factories and the ferry. In addition, Paddy will show players how to create a crew that will support the management of the various locations and the automation of the process.

Finally, thanks to the recruitment of citizens, who will help with the preparations for the festival, players will have time to focus on other tasks and obtain exciting rewards. Each completed assignment will represent an extra step towards the Grand Prize: 25 assignments must be completed to obtain it.
This year’s main Grand Prix will be the Celtic Farmhouse: a picturesque 10-level upgradeable building. When it reaches the maximum level, it will grant an upgrade to the players’ attacking army, goods for both players and their Guild, as well as Forge Points and coins. Players will be able to share progress with friends and neighbors, earning one or two themed portraits.

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