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Fortnite and Marvel: the two universes collide again

Coming in June 2022 a comic mini-series for yet another crossover between the world of Fortnite and that of Marvel. Here’s what you need to know about this new project.


If you loved the forays on Fortnite of the characters Marvel (and the WAR FOR THE NEXUS series) then we have some good news for you. In fact, a new crossover project called WAR ZERO. This is the new miniseries of the House of Ideas which will affect great superheroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine e Iron Man. The inhabitants of the island are in a frenzied battle to retrieve the Zero Shard, and Spider-Man and Wolverine will also join the fight.

The Marvel veteran also contributed to the creation of the comic book Christos Gage (Spider-Geddon, Avengers Academy) who he will be working with Donald Mustard (Chief Creative Officer di Epic Games), and with the designer Sergio Davila. The result will be a five-part comic mini-series that will rock both universes. Also each number will contain a redeemable code that will allow you to unlock a cosmetic item within the game. This item will then also be available for purchase by other players in the in-game store.

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