Fortnite: Chapter 5, let’s discover the new map together!

Torino-Atalanta: dove vedere la partita?

“Ammappa che mappa”: Chapter 5 reinvents the rules of Fortnite again, with a new island full of equally new dangers

There’s a whole new world to explore in Fortnite: Chapter 5and not just in a figurative sense because the actual game world, the map, in turn offers many new features. We talked about it a little more extensively when describing the season itself, but by focusing on the historical (and changeable) natural protagonist of the game there is still a lot to say. After all, there are new places to explore, more methods to reach them and, as is now tradition, even threats that perhaps we were not used to. Let’s get a move on right away to get the situation under control immediately. Or almost, okay.

Biomes | The new Fortnite map: Chapter 5

Let’s start from the general characteristics of the new Fortnite map: Chapter 5. Ai biomes we were already used to multiples, and after the single desert patch of the OG season we return to variety. For each biome there is (at least) one location indicated. To clarify, a distinction is needed: i places indicated are the points of interest whose name appears on the map. The smaller ones, whose name we are only reminded of once reached, are called reference points. Take this small but important difference into account: it will save you a lot of trouble when you try to complete the various tasks involved. Listen to us.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, let's discover the new map together!

Places indicated | The new Fortnite map: Chapter 5

So let’s talk about these blessed ones places indicated. There are them in everything 11, and when you have discovered them all the game will reward you with a nice shower of experience points. Let’s talk specifically about Refined Rivieraport town to the west; Rebel’s Residencevilla in the winter tundra of the northwest; Veiled Sidean Alpine-like town to the south-east; Great Glacieran eastern mountain resort similar to the Overlook hotel in The Shining; Cineaste Columnsmashup between ancient Greece and the Rapide Rischiose drive-in in the center of the map; Duel Expansesvineyard with Tuscan influences in the centre-south; Risky Railsthe central-eastern railway nerve center of the island; Candid Fieldsgroup of sports fields to the north-east; Snooty steps e Pleasant Square, Mediterranean villages in the southwest; In the end Tana Tracotante, Russian-like stronghold in the centre-north. The train It’s great for getting around, but don’t forget about the new SUV TrailSmasher: an excellent compromise between resistance and mobility (below).

Fortnite: Chapter 5, let's discover the new map together!

The NPCs | The new Fortnite map: Chapter 5

Yes, there are too non-player characters, even outside of scoundrels like Peter Griffin. (And the other bosses, we guess.) Now that the season has started they’re just there otto NPCbut we can already tell you where to find them. Tanning Specialist he is a doctor hireable that you find on the south-west coast. Mechanical Mouth he is a heavy rifleman hireable on the north-eastern border between the snowy and temperate biomes. Vengeful Jones sells disguises and is in the underground tunnel between Piazza Piacevole and Expanses of the Duel. Hope sells grappling hooks and crevices in the underground tunnel of Versante Velato. Snowy Beater he’s a sniper hireable on the mountains in the centre-south-east. Steel Sight it is a source of supplies hireable at Rebel’s Residence. Killer Carp he is a scout hireable north of Campi Candidi. In the end Shadow Mecha Squad he is a heavy rifleman hireable at the western railroad crossroads.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, let's discover the new map together!

Society Medallions and Fluid Berries | The new Fortnite map: Chapter 5

We have already talked about Society medallions in our general article on the season, but we will repeat ourselves briefly. Once you have defeated a boss, by collecting his Medallion (below, on the left) you will obtain a shield capable of constantly regenerating. The price to pay is the equivalent of being equally constantly under fire (size on the player). If you see rings on the minimap at the top right you can in turn hunt down other players who have the item. Furthermore, to cure you, there is a new fruit: la Fluid Berry. Eating one provides shields and (for a limited time) reduced gravity for you and allies in your immediate surroundings. Excellent for chasingeye of the stormbecome a little faster in this season.

Fortnite: Chapter 5, let's discover the new map together!

Vaults and landmarks

Let’s quickly close the discussion on the Fortnite map: Chapter 5 by talking about the vault. Having a Society Medallion also allows you to open the nearby vault. There are also smaller vaults protected by minor bosses, but they boast significantly more limited loot and do not have mod banks. While you’re at it, if you’re training (preferably alone, since meeting everyone’s needs is very difficult in pairs, trios and teams) to empty the vaults, make sure you also memorize the reference points. Their names do not appear on the map, but it often happens that assignments ask you to go there. Not to mention that you can find some decent loot there too…

Fortnite: Chapter 5, let's discover the new map together!

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