Fortnite: how to get the hunter’s cape

In this guide dedicated to Fortnite we will reveal the correct method to obtain the hunter’s cape

The cloak of the hunter, arrived in Fortnite with the advent of the sixth season, it is a wearable object useful, as its description reveals, to neutralize its own smell. This, in terms of gameplay, means that equipping it pays inoffensive all wild creatures on the game map. Furthermore, the creation of this particular cloak is the goal of one of the first challenges of the aforementioned sixth season. Let’s find out together what is the method to obtain it.

Do it yourself in the wilds

The hunter’s cloak, in Fortnite, can only be obtained through the function of crafting, also introduced in the penultimate season of the game. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that this feature will remain part of Fortnite despite the advent of Season 7. It has also been confirmed that the wild animals, whose presence makes it useful to have a cloak.

Fortnite: how to get the hunter's cape

What do we need? – Fortnite: how to get the hunter’s cloak

As with all objects achievable through the crafting in Fortnite, to build the hunter’s cloak we will need different items. In particular, there will be a need to procure:

  • 2 Animal bones
  • 1 Meat

Both ingredients can be recovered hunting wildlife, which can be found in some places on the map, different in each game. There is no need to search for a specification type of animal, as these are items that can be obtained by taking down both specimens of aggressive races and members of harmless ones.

Fortnite: how to get the hunter's cape

And then? – Fortnite: how to get the hunter’s cloak

Once you have collected the correct ingredients, you will have to access the inventory and, subsequently, the menu of Creation. Within this, you need to select the first Meat (which is the wearable item); after that, the menu should automatically propose to use this in conjunction with the Animal Bones to create the cloak of the hunter.

Fortnite: how to get the hunter's cape


The hunter’s cloak is a relatively object simple to obtain which, given the frenetic nature of Fortnite, can be particularly useful: in an excited phase of the game, or immediately after a particularly competitive battle, the privilege of not having to worry about wolves and wild boars can turn into a considerable advantage. Are you a fan of the battle royale developed by Epic Games? You can also read our guide to get the skin of Loki.

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