Fortnite Impostors, the “Among Us” style game mode

Fortnite Impostori, la modalità di gioco in stile "Among Us" thumbnail

Fortnite Impostori is the new limited-time game mode introduced by the battle royale. Something very similar to Among Us, as you can well imagine. Apparently, the mode will be available for 10 players: 8 Agents in defense of the Bridge e 2 Impostors to sow chaos. Clearly, the Agents’ objectives will be to complete their assignments and eliminate the impostors. Those of the impostors, on the other hand, will be to disable the tasks of the Agents, teleport the players to other areas and eliminate the agents to be able to win the game. In short, a functioning very similar to that of Among Us, considered one of the most loved games of recent years.

Fortnite Impostors, the new limited-time game mode

Even if you have deeply loved Among Us, you will not be able to help but try the Fortnite Impostors mode, to be played publicly or privately with a group of friends. The principle, as we have already anticipated, is all based on the competition between agents and impostors, even if it seems that Fortnite has in no way collaborated with InnerSloth for the launch of the new game mode. “We didn’t work with Epic on this, although we would have liked to collaborate and find out with everyone else. We’ve been working on some really cool collaborations with other indie developers that we hope to share soon though. ” So commented a spokesperson for the company.

In any case, what matters is that players will be able to access a new game mode for a limited time. It will sound familiar to you, especially if it is your turn to be an imposter. Try to get away from the Agents and do everything to stay in the shadows. Conversely, if you are the agents you will have to be able to communicate with others to be able to find out which are the impostors of the group. In short, imagine Among Us dentro Fortnite and that’s it. Ready to try it?

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