Fortnite lands on GeForce Now: can you play on iOS?

Fortnite approda su GeForce Now: si potrà giocare su iOS? thumbnail

The lawsuit Apple versus Epic Games it continues and there are no signs that the apple company intends to report Fortnite on the App Store on iPhone and iPad. However, ‌Epic Games‌ seems to have found a workaround by partnering with Nvidia. GeForce NOW, Nvidia’s streaming game service, will soon add support for Fortnite, allowing you to play via a browser on iOS devices with touch controls.

Fortnite arriva su GeForce NOW

Nvidia in November 2020 introduced Safari support, thus allowing users to play the game library of GeForce NOW on iOS devices. At the time, Nvidia said it was working with ‌Epic Games‌ on a touch-friendly version of Fortnite that would eventually arrive on ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌.

More than a year later, Fortnite in the mobile cloud is almost ready for launch. Nvidia today announced the upcoming release of one closed beta limited time of the game, to which users can register. A waitlist has now been activated on the GeForce NOW website that you can sign up for for free for the chance to play as a beta tester.

Of course the game will also be available on Android devices as well iOS via browser integration. If you are interested in participating you will need to create an Nvidia account, and register in the waiting list, as well as of course subscribe to the GeForce NOW service. Both free and priority subscriptions have an equal chance of gaining access to the beta, but Nvidia has specified that seats are limited.

Select beta testers will receive access to the game in January, and after the limited-time beta, it would be reasonable to expect to see the official Fortnite experience for GeForce NOW in February. On this, however, there is no certain news yet, but we are sure that an official announcement will not be long in coming.