Fortnite: Midwinter 2023, what to know and tricks to make the most of it

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Like every year, Fortnite is giving away content with Midwinter in 2023: here’s what to know about the gifts and tricks to redeem them all

You don’t make a living just with LEGO mode, not in December when Fortnite he allows himself a burst of generosity on the occasion of Midwinter: you will know what the 2023 gifts consist ofand if there are tricks to exploit in this regard. For those who don’t know, the Christmas time (called with a more vague name to accommodate every faith and culture) is the only one of the year in which Epic Games is giving away a male and a female skin. Of course, there are also other contents for the locker, but let’s not kid ourselves: hang gliders, collection tools, decorative backs and free emotes can be found all year round. However, this does not mean that we will remain silent on the matter… not when there is a leak of medium for which we can as well prove the truthfulness ourselves!

General preamble | What to know about Fortnite: Midwinter 2023 with related tricks

Before moving on to contents and possible tricks, you will want to know better what is it about the Fortnite event generally called Midwinter. Above you can find the official trailer of the last edition, in which it was possible to redeem various free items. A is usually required software update for the event, which occupies a slot of its own in the lobby menu. On this occasion we are “transported” to another location, usually the Crackshot’s shedwhere the gifts are all available. The greatest (and usually the best) they should be discarded lastbut although it can be opened only one per day there is time until shortly after the Epiphany to discard the leftover gifts in bulk. We show you a trailer of the 2021 edition to give you an even better idea.

The leak | What to know about Fortnite: Midwinter 2023 with related tricks

Naturally, the price that Fortnite pays for its stratospheric success also lies in the need to include the contents to be officially revealed later among the data of previous updates. In other words, it is in these cases that we talk about datamining. Epic Games’ battle royale is regularly subject to probes, and although Peter Griffin was included years ago as a simple attempt at misdirection before his debut this season leaks are founded by default nine times out of ten. The datamine you see in the tweet below confirms the presence of fifteen little gifts to redeemmore a secret one to get later. According to the leaker, it seems that everything must be obtained following a certain order. We’ll know more when the event starts.

Contents and confirmation of the leak | What to know about Fortnite: Midwinter 2023 with related tricks

Let’s go into a little more detail and follow the above order. We will report for now i English names of each cosmetic element. We have the decorative back Glorious Giftblade (a sword wrapped in wrapping paper, in contrast to the shield of years past), the emoticon GG Chilledthe female skin Holiday Boxy (festive variant of Boxy), the wake Snowfallerl’banner icon Banner Icon (generic name?), the hang glider Elite Servothe coverage Bushie Brightlo spray Blockothe song for the lobby Winter Festival Wishthe hang glider Perfect Pivotthe coverage Winterfest Flurrythe male skin Winter Festival Bushrangeranother banner icon and, finally, the back bling Bedside Nanner. Our confirmation? Look at the name of the NPC below: Boxy Festive Spirit, the female skin!

Fortnite: Midwinter 2023, what to know and tricks to make the most of it

Event duration and additional reward | What to know about Fortnite: Midwinter 2023 with related tricks

There’s not much else left to talk about, other than two details. According to the leakers, the duration scheduled for the event is three weeks. Curiously, the additional reward which requires us to carry out tasks it is not a skin, but rather one collection tool. This is, and here we will use the English name again for convenience, Snowglobe Smasher. It’s not the first time we’ve been provided with a snow globe as a locker element, but it’s bizarre to say the least that there are two hang gliders distinguished only by the color scheme while a separate type of aesthetic element requires a completely different unlocking criterion. Okay, no: the strangest thing is that it took so long before proposing a Christmas variant of the Defender of the Woods, since it made perfect sense.

Possible assignments | What to know about Fortnite: Midwinter 2023 with related tricks

No, the leak does not allude to what the tasks are; we prefer to keep any speculation on the matter aside for our final farewell formula. However, nothing prevents us from reminding you that the Midwinter challenges are always in theme with the holiday season. In a similar way to the classic Fortnite: The Nightmare treats during the Halloween period, therefore, expect to make the most of weapons such as the Sneaky Snow Commando. Here: you wanted gods tricks? We’ll accommodate you right away. Make sure you are inside the circle of the storm (also called safe zone or “the safe”, as happens in matches between the writer and your friends) and that you don’t have too many prying eyes nearby. At this point, take advantage of the possibility of spam the weapon and fill the surrounding area with snowmen before sliding into one. Guaranteed ambush! And he will probably also be the subject of assignments.

Fortnite: Midwinter 2023, what to know and tricks to make the most of it

Final summary

There’s not much else left to add, except wait for the inevitable official confirmation of the contents for this year’s Midwinter of Fortnite: in the meantime, remember the (few) tricks you need to know, while we leave you with the list of everything leaked in the leak. Happy Holidays in (almost?) early!

  • Glorious Giftblade (“Glorious Gift Sword”, decorative spine with silver and golden variant)
  • GG Chilled (“GG Gelo”, emoticon)
  • Holiday Boxy (confirmed as Boxy Festive Spiritskin femminile)
  • Snowfaller (“Snowfall”, ski)
  • Banner icon (logo Slurp Co.banner icon)
  • Elite Servo (“Elite Servomotor”, hang glider)
  • Bushie Bright (“Cespuglietto Lucente”, cover)
  • Blocko (“Cubic Pug”, spray)
  • Winter Festival Wish (“Midwinter Wish”, lobby music)
  • Perfect Pivot (“Perfect Pivot”, hang glider)
  • Winterfest Flurry (“Midwinter Vortex”, cover)
  • Winter Festival Bushranger (“Defender of the Midwinter Woods”, male skin with two alternative styles)
  • Banner icon (Slappy Juice logobanner icon)
  • Bedside Nanner (“Banana at the edge of the bed”, decorative back)
  • Snowglobe Smasher (“Snow globe mallet”, harvesting tool, requires 10 Midwinter tasks)

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: do you already have a plan of attack? What could be the tasks to be faced? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and beyond. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.