La recensione di Fossil Gen 6: una settimana tra lavoro e karate thumbnail

Fossil Gen 6 review: a week between work and karate

A few days after its official debut, we have a chance to car try the new smartwatch Fossil Gen 6 and we tell you the details in our review. We tried the shimmering and eye-catching version with a diamond-rich dial and purple silicone strap. The same version is present in the models with steel, pink and gunmetal colored straps. The price is 299 € for the version in silicone e 329 € for the steel one. Other versions are also available with a decidedly more sober dial, for lovers of a more restrained style. Generally speaking we have a device that relies on wear OS and on one Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus.

A device that combines elegance, but also power. Are you curious to find out all the details? Read on for our Fossil Gen 6 review.

Fossil Gen 6 review: made to appear

Let’s start our review of Fossil Gen 6 With the’analysis of her look, which certainly does not go unnoticed. We have a watch face with a very classic, rounded shape and with three buttons on the sides. The style is very reminiscent of a common watch. As mentioned, we tested the version with the dial full of glitter and the purple strap. This is certainly a flashy version that I personally liked very much. For those who need a more “sober” version, there are no problems, there are also less extravagant versions. The side buttons allow you to access the different applications inside the smartwatch, not only by pressing, but also by rotating. Also on the case of the dial, on the side opposite the buttons, we also find a small speaker.

As for the displayinstead, we have a beautiful 1.28 inch AMOLED, with a resolution of 416 x 416 and a pixel density of 328. The image is truly beautiful, sharp, clean, clear and bright. It is a nice looking screen and also quite large. Even in light situations, we never found it difficult to read the indicated time. Small note for the outer frame: the screen, in fact, does not reach the most extreme edges on the dial. Between the display and the edge, we still have a black frame which, on some backgrounds, is quite noticeable. Perhaps, in the black color, this detail fades into the background, but in this particular model it is still very eye-catching.

The technical side of the Fossil Gen 6

For what concerns the technical part, the Fossil Gen 6 has a Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chipset and 1 GB of RAM. We also have good 8GB storage. All this hardware allows the smartwatch to have excellent performance, both in terms of applications, and in the transition from one to the other. The touch is also good, which did not give us any particular problems, although the side wheel is essential to have better control in the menu. As for the software part, we have the Wear OS 2, while we know that, updating to the Wear OS 3, will only arrive in 2022.

If we are on the side of the technical specifications, what it does turn up a little ‘nose is the battery. Charging is fast, but its duration is also very short. We wore the smartwatch at full power and unfortunately struggled to make it to the end of the day. What saves the performance is the energy saving function which, by displaying practically only the time, allows you to have a yield of at least one more day. Personally, I find that this detail is quite impactful because it does not allow you to take advantage of all the functions fully without worries.

Many sensors available

While you can’t classify this smartwatch as a fitness-oriented watch, it’s certainly not lacking in features. During our review we took the Fossil Gen 6 into our workouts and we tried to test its functionality. In terms of size, we didn’t have too many problems: of course, this is not a compact and light band, but not even an accessory that is impossible to bear. The buttons are not too protruding and still allow good movements. We used it during our karate lessons and were able to use it for much of the training.

The smartwatch has at its disposal sensors for detecting heartbeats and monitoring oxygenation. The latter is quite accurate, but it must be done by taking all the required precautions, or it will show us incorrect values. Thanks to its partnership with Google, it will be possible to take advantage of the entire suite of Google Fit, compreso Fit Workout for activity monitoring. In addition to this we will be able to track sleep, monitor breathing and more.

Fossil Gen 6 review: are we ready to buy?

Also this time we are at the end of the nour review of Fossil Gen 6. Our verdict? We were certainly very satisfied with its technical characteristics, which make the smartwatch very performing. AND quite simple to use, even if, for some situations, less intuitive than other models easier. The functions and features are many and varied and they all work very well. The display is beautiful, clear, clean and very visible in all light conditions.

The fit is very good and also on an aesthetic level we had a pleasant surprise. The look is beautiful, bold, elegant and eye-catching. We remained unsatisfied with battery life, which, for us, is the biggest flaw. Finally, we await the update to Wear OS 3, which will certainly give us other satisfactions.

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