Four Surprising Health Benefits of Virtual Reality

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The Virtual Reality (VR) has now transformed the world of games. However, scientists and health experts have found that technology can also transform the world of healthcare, offering tailored treatments for a range of conditions. The VR portal, OTHERWORLD, revealed four surprising health benefits of the VR. Let’s find out all the details together.

The benefits of Virtual Reality


  • Help overcome social anxiety: Studies have shown that VR is an effective form of treatment for a variety of mental health conditions – including social anxiety. One popular technique involves creating a VR simulation of an environment that causes anxiety. During the simulation, therapists are on hand to guide people through the situation, teaching them relaxation techniques that they can use in the real situation.
  • Pain relief: Some VR experiences have been shown to reduce pain for a number of injuries and conditions. Indeed, in some countries it has also begun to be used in maternity wards to relieve the pain of contractions and childbirth, acting as an alternative to epidurals.
  • Treating phobias: VR has been used successfully as a treatment for dealing with phobias. By gradually exposing patients to situations they would avoid in real life (e.g. a room full of spiders, a crowded public environment), people are taught to cope with their reactions in a safe and controlled environment, with the knowledge that they cannot be harmed. .
  • Reduce StressRegular recreational play can work wonders in reducing stress, frustration and anxiety. Games that take you away from reality can also take you away from the daily stress of life. Calming simulations have even been shown to improve awareness.

OTHERWORLD’s comment

Ed Wardle, the co-founder and creative director of OTHERWORLD, revealed that contrary to popular belief, VR it doesn’t just offer great games. Virtual reality is one “Machine of experiences” iincredibly flexible that life is changing for the better.

Wardle concludes by saying, “A significant body of research now supports VR’s ability to make us healthier and happier and we’re only scratching the surface of what it can offer the world.”

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