Fractured Online: the closed beta is at the starting blocks

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New content, the ability to shape new objects in the closed beta of Fractured Online, the highly anticipated MMORPG from gamigo and Dynamight Studios.

From 6 April to the start of the closed beta of Fractured Online

Dynamight Studios and gamigo and have announced that the closed beta of Fractured Online – the first truly dynamic isometric open world MMORPG – will be launched on April 6, 2022. This new phase will welcome new players and welcome back old ones, allowing them to explore the new continent of Aerhen, populated largely by Humans. Players will need to protect themselves from the cold to survive this mountainous region filled with snow and ice.

In fact, weather conditions will regularly test the courage of would-be survivors. And if it is not the climate that will kill them then it will be the Jotunns, the Mammoths, the Moose and the Arctic wolves that populate those valleys. These are in fact new creatures that apparently love to inhabit Aerhen, so we must proceed with extreme caution. After all, we don’t know when these animals dined, and if they’ve been on a diet for a while, their dinner could be you. Fear huh?

Fortunately, there is not only death. Players will also be able to engage in PvP and PvE combat, in a world that will have its own society with its own economy. We just have to wait a few days then, to try our hand at the new closed beta of Fractured Online.

Players interested in participating in this testing phase can purchase a discounted copy of the game via the official e-shop here. Those who purchase the game will also receive the Founder Pack, which contains unique in-game items, credits and other limited content.

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