Free rein with Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch!

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Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch takes you to experience a real ride without limits within a new open world suitable for horses and riders! Let’s find out more details about this new proposal together.

Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch

Are you ready to jump in the saddle? The new signed video game Microids it is called Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch and is developed by the studio Aesir Interactive.

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Get ready to make friends with the locals, freely explore the vast wilderness surrounding the estate and of course breed and tame and breed horses. Will you succeed in the purpose? And then again, you’ll be committed to completely renovating the family ranch by building, upgrading and customizing a series of stables, horse care stations and decorations. In short, the aim will be to restore the Emerald Valley estate to its former glory!

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All the features

Below we bring with you the official description of the game.

  • A Fascinating Open World Adventure: Go on an epic adventure and experience the feeling of total freedom in a vast open world. Gallop through various enchanting landscapes, by the sea, in the forest, near a coral lagoon and more. Who knows, you might discover some secrets along the way!
  • Tame, raise and care for your horses: learn to tame and mount wild horses you meet, to train and care for them and to compete in numerous competitions. Familiarize yourself with all the horses in the stable, as each of them is unique and has specific abilities and personalities, but also different preferences and training needs. By breeding them strategically, you can also improve their skills and get unique coat colors for your horses.
  • Rebuild and Customize Your Ranch – Restore the dilapidated family estate to its former glory by rebuilding, upgrading and customizing it with various structures, stables, horse care facilities, supplies and decorations.
  • Take part in numerous missions: collect resources, meet new friends and complete missions to save your family’s legacy.

Exit date

Horse Tales – Emerald Valley Ranch will be available this winter on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch e PC.

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