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Fresh air on Amazon Prime Day: fans, air conditioners and mini-refrigerators

Il 12 and 13 July they arrive Amazon Prime Dayin the midst of this very hot summer: here’s how to cool it down with fans, air conditioners and mini-refrigerators on offer. A roundup with the best discounts for those looking for a little fresh among the promotions on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day: fans, air conditioners and mini-refrigerators

If you lasted until July without a fan or air conditioners pointed at you, you have better self-control than ours. But now that we are in the middle of summer (and such a hot summer), buy a product for staying cool can be a great idea. Especially if you can do it with discounts of up to 50%.

We did a rundown of the best office or car fans, air conditioners and refrigerators on Amazon on offer for Prime Day. To take advantage of these discounts, you simply need to sign up for Amazon Prime (you can do it from this address).

The subscription is valid 3,99 euro per month or 36 euros per year, and includes free fast shipping, shopping benefits plus the ability to watch TV shows with Prime Video, listen to perfect playlists with Prime Music, and more. You can even take advantage of 10 euros of free credit in these two days to buy these products, for an additional discount: here we explain how.

If you are still in doubt, know that you can also sign up for the trial period of 30 daysie immediately test the convenience of the service. Are you ready now? Here are the best discounts for those who want to stay cool.

The best fans on sale on Amazon Prime Day

Here is a short selection, from mini USB fans for the office to products to cool the room at night and the dining room during a dinner. Sorted in increasing price, to help you in your choice, here is a selection of the best fans in sconto all’Amazon Prime Day 2022.

OCOOPA Table fan

For a very low cost you can take this fan home with you, very light and easy to take with you. You can connect it to the USB socket of a computer (or the charger of your smartphone if you have an outlet available) to cool off while you work or watch a series in streaming.

All with the 20% discount per i Prime Day a 15,99 euro: it’s a timed offer, so you have to run!

BLACK+DECKER BXEFT49E Ventilatore a Torre

A brand that is a safety, for a smart and simple product. With three speeds and a remote control to manage the works, it also has a timer to make you falling asleep in the cool but not being woken up by too much wind.

With a discount of 34%, costa 56,34 euro for Amazon Prime Days only – one of the fans to watch.

ARDES AR5BL1 Fan without blades

Do you want one of the bladeless fans on offer at Amazon Prime Day but don’t want to spend a fortune? This product of Ardes starts with a price convenient of its ownwhich with the discounts of this two days becomes truly unmissable.

With a maxi discount of 54% comes to 64,49 euroa very good price for this small product but good yield.

Amazon Prime Day: portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers

If you want a solution to cool your home without having the air directly on you, portable dehumidifiers and air conditioners are an excellent resource. By removing the humidity from the rooms, the heat becomes more manageable. But there are also versatile products capable of refresh at 360 degrees. Here are the products that do it best.

COMFEE ’20 l dehumidifier

Designed to remove moisture from rooms up to 40-45 square meters, this dehumidifier has an automatic sensor to understand when to operate, a remote control to leave when you want. And also a WiFi connection so that you can manage it via smartphone.

With a discount of 27% comes on offer at Amazon’s Prime Day for only 160 euro.

COMFEE Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a more flexible resource, Comfee ‘has also launched this portable air conditioner which, in addition to removing humidity, also allows you to cool the environment. With 9000BTU / h and a power of 2.6kW, you can use it as an air conditioner, dehumidifier and even a fan, depending on your needs.

Discounted of 17%costa 249 euro.

Midea Mobile Eco Portable Air Conditioner

Con 12.000 BTU, despite its small size this air conditioner can cool a room even better over 40 square meters. Not only will it allow you to sleep in a cool place but it could be a perfect ally for smart working, if you work from home.

Again it makes dehumidifier, fan and air conditioner. It costs 464 eurowith a discount of 15%.

Mini-fridge for office and car

If all day long you dream of going home to drink fresh water from the refrigerator, perhaps you can fulfill your dreams of cooling with a mini-fridge during the Amazon Prime Day 2022. Whether in the office or in the car, a plug is all it takes to keep drinks and snacks cool.

Upstreman Mini 4 Liter Fridge

With a retro taste that we really like, this one mini-fridge offers four liters of space. Which should be enough for yogurt, fruit or whatever you want for a snack and a couple of cool drinks. It takes just forty minutes to get to 18 degrees, but if you want it to be really cool it can go down to 2 ° C.

Discounted of 20%it only costs 39,99 euro.

AAOBOSI Car Fridge 18L

If instead of staying in front of the PC all day you are on the seat of cars or other road vehicles, you can rely on the convenience of this mini-fridge to be connected to the car socket. With a touch display and connection to the app, using it is very simple. And besides for work you can use it for campers, boats and any vehicle for holidays.

Costa 263,99 euro with a discount of 20%.

With all these discounts you will certainly be able to stay cool this summer. But if you have any special requests don’t hesitate to comment below. Also check out our selection for Prime Days 2022.

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