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FRITZ!Box turns twenty: fast and reliable Wi-Fi for the digital home

Ten years ago, on March 18, 2004, AVM presented the first FRITZ!Box at the Cebit computer fair, ushering in the era of the home network. The FRITZ!Box revolutionized the way people use the Internet at home and continues to influence it today. Browse the Internet safely and quickly, make phone calls, have reliable Wi-Fi for streaming TV and movies, play online games and work from home.

FRITZ!Box: Wi-Fi to manage all your digital applications at home

The FRITZ!Box can manage all digital applications in your home. Since its debut, the principle “all-in-one device” of the FRITZ!Box proved to be a success and today has users in over 40 countries. In Germany, almost one in two households uses a FRITZ!Box. Since 2004, AVM has developed around 90 models at its headquarters in Berlin and produced over 60 million devices in Germany and Europe. From its beginnings with DSL at up to 8 Mbit/s, the FRITZ!Box has constantly evolved and now supports fiber optic connections up to 10 Gbit/s.

For two decades the FRITZ!Box has been setting new standards for digital home. Together with other FRITZ! such as wireless repeaters, phones, smart plugs and LED lights, it makes digital life easier for millions of people every day. In celebration of FRITZ!Box’s 20th birthday, AVM will celebrate several moments throughout the year.

Twenty years of Wi-Fi innovation for FRITZ!Box

Thanks to the innovative combination of hardware e software, the versatility of the functions, the simplicity of installation and use and the regular free updates, AVM has been defining the standards of home networking for 20 years thanks to the FRITZ!Box. FRITZ!Box supports all broadband technologies, allows a long range Wi-Fi transmission and offers a complete telephone system, as well as a wide range of smart network options. Features such as parental controls, an easily accessible guest hotspot and video calling settings are highly appreciated by our users.

Attention to the customer

And FRITZ!Box it can be configured in a few simple steps and the user interface has been designed to be clear and easy to understand for everyone. Both beginners and more experienced users can benefit from the numerous setting options and analysis tools. Furthermore, the free FRITZ!Apps expand the range of functions of the FRITZ!Box.

The success of FRITZ!Box is not based only on its own technologybut also on support provided by AVM: thanks to direct customer feedback and close collaboration with the FRITZ! Lab, AVM is always one step ahead. Product recommendations, support and assistance on the AVM website ensure that every customer gets the help they need quickly.

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