From Dungeons and Dragons to Starcraft: the power of artificial intelligence in video games

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In this article we will analyze the role of artificial intelligence in video games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Starcraft

By artificial intelligence we mean a certain ability on the part of the machine, which manages to develop predominantly human characteristics such as creativity, planning, organization and even reasoning. This feature is now increasingly present in notable technological examples, some of which are commercially available on a large scale. Among these, video games stand out.

In recent years there have been various games that have been enhanced by the implementation of artificial intelligence, a device that is now necessary for the gaming experience to be complete and unique. One of these has recently become part of the most prestigious scenario, while the other is a historic game that today benefits even more precisely from the use of this technology.

Speed ​​and interaction

Since artificial intelligence allows systems to understand their environment and therefore solve certain types of problems, the process during a role-playing game helps to achieve an absolute gaming experience. Data reception is immediate and the machine’s adaptation to pressing needs is the same as that of a human being, and this characteristic is evident in a product like Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most popular games of recent years.

Born in 2019 and inspired by the board game of the same name, this product is the classic interactive adventure based on the player’s choices, through which artificial intelligence then allows for various developments. It is, therefore, a quantum leap from improvisation point of view of the events, given that for each choice the software will create a unique history, through impressive speed and constant interaction between characters.

Having joined the ranks of the best role-playing games ever, this product was re-presented this year in the “honor of thieves” version, which is having a notable success among gamers. And this is also thanks to improvements relating to AI, which manages to generate better content thanks to a high adaptability, analyzing the effects of previous actions set by the player and thus offering a series of captivating game alternatives, but all in some way correlated with the activity set by the protagonist.

Strategy and creativity

As for a more classic example, such as the historic StarCraft, a game that has made history over the years, artificial intelligence helps the player to immerse himself even more in the vicissitudes of a strategy game in a real-time science fiction context . In this case, the contribution of AI allows us to simulate an intelligent decision-making process which helps to obtain an even more advanced and concrete, but also more creative, gaming strategy.

From this point of view, the modern game concept of StarCraft it is further enhanced in the campaign mode, where the player must face a series of characters and groups that are controlled by the AI, which shifts the axis of the plot of the story depending on the player’s actions. The context and plot of the game are positively affected, and the same goes for the intensity. An absolute experience, provided precisely by the giant strides made by AI, now omnipresent in video games.

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