Cambia la portabilità del numero di cellulare: dal 14 novembre entra in vigore la delibera AGCOM thumbnail

From November 14, the portability of the mobile number changes

Mobile number portability changes: from November 14th the AGCOM thumbnail resolution comes into force

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The new AGCOM resolution will come into force on November 14th which introduces new protections for consumers in the event of portability of the mobile number or replacement of the SIM. This is a new regulatory framework that aims to maximize the safety of these operations.

Change the portability of the mobile number with the innovations desired by AGCOM

The objective of the new resolution is to counter the practice known as SIM Swap which allows scammers and criminals to get hold of the user’s mobile number, to be used to gain access to security codes and passwords.

The new AGCOM resolution on number portability increases the security of user data. Portability can only be requested by the owner. Furthermore, it will not be possible to carry out the portability to another operator if your SIM is not active (for example because it is faulty).

Before completing the operation it will be necessary to request a new SIM. The operators will have the obligation not only to verify the identity of the customer but also to verify with the previous operator the correspondence of the number and tax code of the SIM owner.

Furthermore, to request the SIM change, it will be necessary to follow a verification procedure similar to that required in case of portability to another operator. For all the details on the resolution, it is possible to consult the AGCOM website.

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