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From online to offline: the importance of marketing in a digital key

Tino Bassu, Socialness CEO, explains the importance of digital transformation he was born in digital marketing, in particular for small businesses in the area, to intercept customers by bringing them dall’online all’offline. The focus is on the relevance of marketing and the need for change of perspective to make a difference.

The importance of digital transformation

Tino Bassu, CEO of Socialness

Never before in 2021 are local businesses realizing the importance of one proper marketing activity. A right activity allows you to excel against the competition, retain customers and aspire to increase turnover.

The lockdown period highlighted the need for retailers to have a direct relationship with customers, in particular at a distance, in order to communicate with them and promote products and services.

The shopkeepers, however, have to deal with the colossus called e-commerce. In fact, in many product categories, e-commerce represents a real obstacle for local activities.

The pandemic has therefore accentuated the importance of business digitization of any size but also theimportance of marketing in the area to allow local businesses to thrive and face the crisis.

The post-pandemic challenge of local entrepreneurs is difficult. Each shopkeeper must find a way to face territorial competition and of attract customers continuously. These are the predictions of Tino Bassu, the CEO of the Socialness agency.

The Socialness agency

Socialness is a structured reality that, to date, has over 30 collaborators, almost 700 customers served and is among the few Italian marketing agencies included in theOptimal Program on Facebook.

With a + 40% of turnover it’s a gained experience with several national and international franchises, the Socialness System aims to help local companies. In particular, it aims to help those most suffering in this period of crisis.

Regarding this topic, Bassu revealed: “Our goal is to help local micro businesses to intercept customers by taking them from online to offline, the undisputed realm of tech giants. For these realities it is important to make their distinctive features known locally and consolidate them on the local public “.

“Marketing today is essential for local businesses, especially in a digital key”, continues Bassu, “Affirming one’s online presence, promoting a message to the right target in the vicinity, in a programmed and continuous manner is essential. Digital marketing offers undeniable advantages, even for small companies that aim to retain their customers, increase the value of each purchase, define the positioning, create new contacts and have useful tools to concretely measure the results obtained “.

An adequate strategy, even with limited budget, therefore, allows to increase its competitiveness on the market. Moreover, it is also possible to do the difference and, consequently, grow economically. The Socialness CEO concluded by saying:

“In recent years we have helped almost 700 local companies, including restaurants, hairdressers, beauty centers, clothing stores, real estate agencies, gyms, doctors’ offices and all those activities related to the territory that need to have more customers and monitor the investment of marketing. This is certainly a great way to become competitive ”.

For more information you can consult the official website of the agency.

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