From Sony three wireless microphones with a spectacular level of sound quality

Da Sony tre microfoni wireless con un livello spettacolare di qualità del suono thumbnail

Sony expands its range of microphones and presents i ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S wireless microphones, accompanied by the ECM-S1 wireless streaming microphone. These are cutting-edge microphones, which combine high quality sound capture with an extremely lightweight design. With the ECM-W3, ECM-W3S and ECM-S1 models, Sony offers video content creators the tools to achieve flawless audio recordings in the most diverse shooting situations.

Sony, lightweight and highly portable wireless microphones: ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S

ECM-W3 is equipped with a two-channel receiver and two microphones, ECM-W3S with a single-channel receiver and one microphone. ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S are perfect for creators of video content, from vlogs to interviews. In a wide variety of contexts where these microphones allow you to easily record high-quality voices and sounds, even in different directions from the camera.

The wireless microphone ECM-W3 is the perfect solution for interviews and one-on-one conversations. The ECM-W3S gives excellent results in capturing clear, articulate vocals for those vloggers and creators who aim for natural audio. These microphones capture audio optimally and ensure effective noise reduction.

In addition to the multi-interface (MI) shoe for Sony cameras, compatibility is expanded by a USB Type-C terminal and 3.5mm audio output. They allow connection to various devices equipped with a USB port and 3.5 mm audio input: cameras, smartphones, PCs, etc. The microphone is supplied with a practical charging case for convenient portability.

Sony, the microphone for professional operators and creators: ECM-S1

For professional operators and video content creators who need the highest audio quality for recordings, livestreams and podcasts, the microphone ECM-S1 it is an indispensable tool. The microphone body is compact and lightweight. Complemented by three 14mm diameter units that capture the voice with natural, high-quality sound.

Seamless integration with cameras, computers and smartphones makes it an indispensable resource for content creators looking for a dynamic and engaging audio-video experience. Audio is recorded directly into the camera via wireless connection: This avoids that “lag” between audio and images which sometimes occurs in live streaming when audio and video are transmitted separately; no delay compensation is necessary.

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