Dai creatori di PokémonGo, Peridot sarà disponibile a maggio thumbnail

From the creators of PokémonGo, Peridot will be available in May

Niantic Inc has announced the release date of Peridot, the first pet simulation mobile game entirely based on the use of Augmented Reality in the real world. The creators of Pokémon Go they try again and bring funny pets to our smartphones arriving in May.

What is Peridot?

Peridot will allow us to become the masters of the Dot, magical and extraordinary creatures that eat, sleep, play and explore the environment in which they are immersed. A sort of modern tamagotchi to which we will have to guarantee happiness and health by feeding them, playing with them and taking them on adventures with us.

Each Peridot is unique! The genetics of the animals inherited from the parents will determine the final appearance: multicolor, metallic, furry, with goat horns, with big ears and so on. Some characteristics, defined “Archetypes” (for example “Unicorn”, “Clownfish” and many others), are special and typical only of some Peridots. We will be their Keepers and we will be able to discover the various types of Dots available by exploring the surroundings and by crossing their own Dots with those of other players or other wild specimens.

With enough care and effort each specimen will grow up to be a teenager and then an adultwhich will be able to give birth to a new generation. Ready to raise your quirky pet?

The release date of Peridot

Peridot will be released on May 9 this year. Now it’s possible for all Niantic players and fans pre-register on the App Store and Google Play and be notified when Peridot is available for your mobile. Anyone who pre-registers and plays within the first two weeks of launch will be able to earn a special item.

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