Da oggi è in vigore la legge sul caricabatterie universale per smartphone thumbnail

From today the law on the universal charger for smartphones and other devices is in force

The European Union law on the universal charger for smartphones and other electronic devices. By 2026 the same fate will also befall the laptop.

Our smartphones will finally enjoy a universal charger

In October, the EU finally approved the law that will allow all smartphone owners to enjoy a single charger.

The law passed with 602 votes in favor and required manufacturers of cell phones and other electronic devices to comply with the law new European legislation by 2024. Over the course of two years, therefore, Android users and iOS users will be able to rely on the same loader, which will be of type USB-C.

The EU’s choice to target a single charger stems from one ecological policy which in recent years is becoming more and more central in Brussels. In fact, the components to create a charger from scratch are rare and highly polluting production, as well as its disposal.

It follows that the importance of this law lies in wanting to make a contribution to the environmental cause, but also for lighten the pockets of consumers: let’s think, for example, of the questionable decision by Apple to no longer include the charger in smartphone packaging, forcing a separate purchase with a greater expenditure of money on the part of iPhone enthusiasts.

By 2024, therefore, all smartphone manufacturers will have to adapt to the new European regulation and by 2026, laptop computers will also have to support a universal charger.

“We have waited more than ten years for these rules, finally we can leave the current plethora of chargers in the past“, said the MEP Alex Agius Saliba. “This future-proof law enables the development of innovative charging solutions and will benefit everyone from frustrated consumers to our vulnerable environment.”

Are you also enthusiastic about the imminent arrival of the universal charger?

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