From today you can buy Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro

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From today they become available on the official website Apple and in all Apple Store the new ones Apple Watch Ultra e AirPods Pro second generation. From today you can buy the best smartwatches and earphones ever developed in Cupertino.

Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro available for purchase

Apple Watch SE has what most people need. There Series 8 represents an extra step, with more health features, new sensors (such as the one for body temperature). But if you want the ultimate … well, the name already says it: you have to buy Apple Watch Ultra.

The device measures 49mm diagonally, it has a battery that lasts 36 hours (and that can soon be extended to 60 with the low-power mode coming). But above all it is designed for those who do extreme sports: those who go to the mountains or explore the seas, who run endless trails and always push the limit.

With a set of three straps just in case, the satellite connection to never get lost and the app Oceanic+ to turn it into a dive computer, without even considering the very bright screen a 2000 nits, it is a truly unique product. You can find it here at 1.009 euro.

The audifiles, on the other hand, are eagerly awaiting the new ones AirPods Pro second generation. Not only do you have level audio, with Spatial Audio still improved. But theANC (Active Noise Cancellation) becomes more complete, Transparency mode becomes smarter and understands which noises to filter out (and it was already the best around). And then there are the new touch controls to raise and lower the volume, more battery, more customization.

In short: the AirPods Pro still improve and you can find them on the site a 299 euro.

Which Apple product have you been waiting for with the most trepidation? Will you buy them? Let us know in the comments.