Fugaku, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, is finally in service

Fugaku, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, is finally in service

Dugaku, the world’s most powerful supercomputer operating in Japan, officially entered service to help Japanese researchers

After seven years of design and experimentation, finally the most powerful supercomputer in the world it is complete and fully functional. Fugaku, this is its name, was built in Japan by Fujitsu on behalf of the Riken research institute and is now ready to be exploited by Japanese researchers in all its incredible computing power which is well one hundred times higher than that of the K supercomputer that preceded it until now.

Fugaku: power and uses

Fugaku has impressive computing power equal to 442 petaflop, as well as three times higher than that of its closest competitor in power. The latter is the Summit, built by IBM in the United States and which has a power of “just” 148,8 petaflop. All this computing power will be needed for scientific research such as projects on new drugs, new materials, techniques for the early diagnosis of diseases and the prediction and simulation of natural disasters, as well as trying to answer questions such as the birth of the Universe and the Big Bang.

Fugaku, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, is finally in service

This Japanese supercomputer is made up of ben 432 rack cabinets each of which is equipped with dozens of servers that mount A64fx processors produced by Fujitsu itself. They are none other than CPU with ARM architecture which also contain RAM inside and it is the first time that this type of architecture is also used on a high-level supercomputer of such power.

Riken’s president Hiroshi Matsumoto, he has declared:

“This is just the beginning for Fugaku and we can’t wait to see him truly demonstrate his incredible potential. Fugaku is above all a key national technology that we will manage responsibly with the aim of obtaining research results that will help us to build a society that lives long and healthy, to mitigate disasters, and to use energy better, with the aim final of realizing the government vision of an ultra-smart 5.0 Society. “

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