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FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000: the new versatile projector

FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000 is the first 8000 lumen projector with folding lens and rotatable on two axes, for a high versatility of installation

The FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000 is a compact ultra-short throw projector featuring a unique foldable lens that can be rotated on two axes, and is one of a kind.

FP-Z8000 is capable of projecting images with the high brightness of 8000 lumens (lm). Its class-leading * 1 compact and lightweight design allows installation in a wide variety of conditions. Images can be projected in various directions without having to move the main unit. Its ability to project large images from a close distance allows for optimal projections in environments with limited space.

Over the years, the use of projectors has found new areas and variety of situations, including offices and schools, digital signage, in commercial structures, company showrooms for product presentation, art galleries and museums to display works in a different way. New uses, in increasingly particular spaces, also using ceilings and floors for spatial presentation.

The new super versatile projector and the price to the public

Fujifilm entered the projector market in 2019 with the launch of the FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 (FP-Z5000), which was equipped with a foldable and rotatable lens on two axes, to project images in various directions, without having to move the main unit. FP-Z8000 inherits the main features of FP-Z5000, but provides images at 8000lm of brightness without fear of space constraints thanks to the high versatility of installation, as it projects clearly visible images even in bright places.

Fujifilm is drawing on its advanced optical technology to develop and supply projectors with high installation versatility, thereby helping to create unique spatial presentations at commercial facilities, art galleries and museums.

FP-Z8000, in black and white, will be available from March 2021 at the suggested retail price of € 18,000 excluding VAT.

FUJIFILM FP-Z8000: main features

Bright 8000 lumen images and a class-leading compact, lightweight design

  • FP-Z8000 adopts high transmission lens and laser light source to provide 8000lm bright images. It can project vivid, high-contrast images even when used for digital signage in well-lit commercial facilities.
  • The optimal arrangement of components within the main body facilitated a compact (W460mm x D510mm x H162.5mm * 2) and lightweight design (weighing approximately 18.4kg). It can be placed vertically or horizontally for effective use of space.
  • Using the foldable and dual-axis rotatable lens allows the FP-Z8000 to project images in various directions without having to move the main unit.
  • The ultra short throw lens allows you to project 100-inch dynamic images from a close range of 72cm.
  • The projector is equipped with a Lens Shift function with lens shift up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally, which allows a wide range of adjustment of the area in which images can be projected.

Equipped with “foldable and rotatable lens on two axes” for spatial presentation as intended by the designer

This projector is equipped with a foldable lens that can be rotated on two axes , which can be directed up, down, front, back, left and right to project images in various directions without moving the main unit. Images can easily be projected not only on walls and screens, but also on ceilings and floors.

  • The ultra short throw lens with a TR value of 0.34 projects 100-inch dynamic images from a close range of 72cm.
  • The projector supports “zero offset” projection (pictured right), eliminating the offset that occurs in traditional ultra short throw projectors with mirror system, to allow maximum use of the projection surfaces in different environments.
  • Using a large diameter aspherical lens offers class-leading Lens Shift function up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally. The function makes it easy to move projected images over a wide range of positions without having to change the position of the main unit or the direction of the lens. In addition, its 1.1x optical zoom capability means that the size of the projected images can be easily adjusted. This optical zoom capability can be combined with the lens shift function to enable effective image adjustments.

Advanced functions for versatile image projection

  • The FP-Z8000 has a warping function, which corrects the distortion caused by projecting images onto a curved surface, allowing for spatial presentation on curved walls.
  • When using up to four FP ‑ Z8000 projectors in combination to project a single larger image, the Edge Blending function helps to adjust the joining areas. The images projected by the devices can be stitched together naturally to produce dynamic images on a huge screen.
  • The projector offers interfaces including HDMI which supports 4K signal input as well as DisplayPortTM and 3G-SDI to support versatile system development.

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