Lomomatic 110: the new Lomography returns to the 70s format

Lomography has launched a new analogue camera, the Lomomatic 110, compact, pocket-sized with the 110 mm film format with a strong vintage flavor

Lomography is the Austrian analogue camera brand born in Vienna about thirty years ago and based on a very popular movement in those years to pursue lomography. Lomography was based on the motto “don't think and shoot” and so even Lomo cameras today are proposed as analogue film cameras or compact snapshots, very simple and at rather low prices.

Lomography launched the new Lomomatic 110, a compact and pocket-sized analogue camera with 110 mm film and a vintage design.

Lomomatic 110: the new Lomography returns to the 70s format

The Lomomatic 110 Golden Gate Edition reflects the beating heart of travel photography and storytelling. This camera is designed to stimulate an openness towards the creative spirit, with a glass lens, a compact slide mechanism, adjustable ISO, automatic exposure and two aperture modes, plus a custom flash available separately. It can be loaded with any 110 film and can be developed in studios that develop 110 or directly at Lomography's LomoLab, sending your own rolls.

Lomomatic 110: the new Lomography returns to the 70s formatLomomatic 110: the new Lomography returns to the 70s format

Thanks to fully automatic shooting settings, you can simply open the Lomomatic 110 and be inspired. For those looking for a little more control, The camera features adjustable ISO and aperture settings, so you can embark on more creative endeavors!

Zone focus settings ensure the precision of your shots, while adjustable apertures for day (f/5.6) and night (f/2.8) let in the necessary light. You can choose ISO 100, 200 or 400 depending on the film or achieve different effects with LomoChrome films with extended ISO. If that's not enough, there is also multiple exposure mode to capture an unlimited number of frames and bulb mode to get long exposures!

Lomomatic 110: price and availability

The camera is available in three different models:

  • Lomomatic 110 Golden Gate at the price of €99 (already available for purchase)
  • Lomomatic 110 Golden Gate – Camera & built-in flash priced at €119 (preorder)
  • Lomomatic 110 Metal – Camera & built-in flash at the price of €159 (preorder)

And what do you think of this analogue and pocket-sized Lomomatic 110? Let us know if you intend to try it and continue to follow techgameworld.com for all the news on the world of photography.