Fujifilm School: the new educational platform

Fujifilm School: the new educational platform

FUJIFILM SCHOOL is the new educational platform of Fujifilm Italia, which was born as a meeting place on the web dedicated to the art of the image, to discover its trends, deepen its aspects, in which to bring newbies and professionals together.

FUJIFILM SCHOOL is the official school of FUJIFILM Italy, where you can follow training sessions suitable for all needs and levels. A virtual place conceived to give support to those taking their first steps in the world of the image, but also a discussion table for professionals in the sector. The platform comes with a continuously updated program of courses and online meetings, with free content, with established professionals, to increase skills, discuss the various issues related to the world of photography and videomaking.

In the FUJIFILM SCHOOL it will be possible to learn techniques, tricks of the trade, listening to the advice of those who really work in the field: discovering the strength of the Image, in every aspect.

They will be presented cultural and technical meetings to explore the most suitable technology for a specific photographic or video work, as well as courses to make the most of your kit and equipment.

Many interlocutors, established professionals, authors with whom to meet and investigate, in the round, what it means today to do, propose and communicate with images.

The school once again marks the importance that FUJIFILM assigns to the dissemination of culture and knowledge in the various areas in which the company itself operates, a path that develops alongside its technological commitment and continuous research in the Imaging field.

FUJIFILM School: free courses on the e-learn platform

It is also the educational proposal that goes alongside the physical activities and events presented up to now in the area. In recent years FUJIFILM has created cultural events able to cover every theme and need, free of charge, with the aim of disseminating photographic and video culture, making known the value of the Brand and its commitment to all passionate users in the world of ‘Imaging.

FUJIFILM SCHOOL, which consistently follows what the company mission dictates, that is to improve the lives of individuals by enriching their cultural baggage for growth that points to a strong sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, is aimed at a wider public of interest.

It is cross-referenced to newbies who take their first steps and seek inspiration in the words and stories of the professionals of the trade, to photo and video enthusiasts who improve their technique and seek tips and tricks of the trade, and seek professionals, to experiment with a technique or a new product, the opinion of colleagues.

Fujifilm School: the new educational platform

You can then access and follow a single appointment or book participation in several courses with professionals in the sector e the courses will be live, with the possibility for teachers to interact with the audience.

SeeLEARN is Fujifilm’s platform developed to spread experiences and knowledge about the products and markets in which the company operates. Designed with user experience at the center, SeeLEARN offers continuing education and entertainment on a wide range of topics in the medical and photography industries. Some of the most prominent names on the photography scene, as well as international experts in the field of medical sciences, participate as key opinion leaders and tutors.