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Fujitsu introduces new notebooks with 13th generation Intel processors

Fujitsu launches new range of notebooks Lifebook designed to take advantage of the performance and convenience of 13th generation Intel processors. Best-in-class mobility, high performance e advanced security are the main features of the new devices, together with fast charging and durability.

The new range of Lifebook notebooks

The Japanese giant Fujitsu offers a new portfolio of notebooks designed above all for mobility andenergy efficiency away from home. Indeed, the new Lifebook devices promise high performance, extended autonomy e higher life cyclesmaximizing productivity in a more perspective sustainable. Greater space for updates and assistance, therefore, to reduce intervention times and costs, together with advanced security options.

In line with the platform Intel Evo vProthe new Lifebook range boasts superior responsiveness, fast recharge times and instant wake-up. The new notebooks are already available in Italy through authorized FINIX Technology Solutions resellers.


Fujitsu Lifebook U5313X

The new 16:10 2-in-1 convertible model features an optional low-power LCD, which extends the14% battery life. The AES pen can be inductively charged in seconds, allowing you to digitally write or draw with precision, offering uninterrupted productivity.

Lifebook U9413

Fujitsu Lifebook U9413

A model ultralight equipped with a new silver-white chassis, with an ultra-narrow bezel and a 14.0” display with an optimized 16:10 aspect ratio, for optimal viewing of content. The improved thermal performance allow efficient and quiet use of office applications, while the webcam FHD ensures clear and detailed video calls. Thanks to infrared sensor for Microsoft Hello authentication, the user can enjoy an advanced security system even in low light conditions and even in complete darkness.

Lifebook U9313X

Fujitsu Lifebook U9313X

Designed for users who primarily need optimal mobility, this ultra-light silver-white convertible model weighs just 998 g. The battery provides a long autonomyenough for a full day, with productivity maximized by 5G connectivity. The ergonomic design and full function pen slot of induction charging complete the smart features of the product.

Lifebook U7613

Fujitsu Lifebook U7613

The 16.0” notebook also comes from the Lifebook U7 Series family, with a 16:10 display. The model offers improved sustainability characteristics thanks to the possibility of battery upgrade and replacement. Fujitsu has also updated the Lifebook E5 Series family, which is now positioning itself as a long-term platform thanks to the 24 month life cycle. A choice designed for companies looking for continuity and reliability. Both notebook families share the same proprietary port replicator offered as a docking solution.

Lifebook E4 Series

The Lifebook E4 Series family completes Fujitsu’s mobile offer with an important range of devices for the fascia business. A portfolio of devices designed specifically for those who need a notebook powerful and well equipped at an affordable price.

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