Future Film Festival: the games presented at the panel dedicated to videogames

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Fantasy and dark fairy tale, these are the atmospheres of the new video games of 2022 presented today at the Future Film Festival, as part of the Future Videogames panel: TerrorBane and The Darkest Tales

Not just cinema: here are the videogames presented at the Future Film Festival

Fantasy and “dark” fairytale. These are the atmospheres of the new video games that will be released in 2022 presented today at Future Film Festival (in Bologna until December 12), as part of the “Future Videogames” panel, curated and conducted by Ivan Venturi.

During the panel was presented TERRORBANE by Bitnine Studio, which will be released in early 2022. The game is a real love letter to the world of video games, and was named best original video game at Gamescom Award 2021. It is a fantasy-inspired, comic title dedicated to the bugs that video game programmers run into.

Another novelty, which will be released in March 2022 (simultaneously for PC and console), is THE DARKEST TALES by Trinity Team. If a nightmare becomes reality, the only ones who can help are only those who in childhood were thought to have magical powers. A brave teddy bear heads to the other side of happily ever after to save his owner Alicia. The game demo (which will develop over 9 levels), is available for free on Steam and Xbox Store. The Trinity Team also announced that pre-production has already begun on Slaps and Beans 2, the sequel to the video game about Bud Spencer and Terence Hill that made them famous.

Nocturama Bononia: Bologna becomes a videogame

During the panel they were also present CLOSE TO THE SUN by Storm in a Teacup. A hybrid videogame between survival horror and science fiction adventure, released in 2019, and the project NOCTURAMA BONONIA, a project by Italian Party of Indie Developers, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, the GB Martini Conservatory of Bologna and Demetra Formazione. It is a proto-videogame container of visual novels, of the urban fantasy genre, set in a nocturnal Bologna.

The stories are linked to places, monuments and city objects, located on a map of Bologna. These tell of different characters but with a single common denominator: living the most important night of one’s existence. Each visual novel has its own production team, and therefore a characterizing style and its own aesthetic. Today it is possible to download the pre-beta of Nocturama Bononia on the official website and in beta version on PC, MAC and Android.

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