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Future iPad Pros will have two new connectors

New rumors suggest that Apple entered two new connectors in the next iPad Pro. Their purpose is not yet clear, but it seems they can be used to power peripherals. The only certainty is that they are totally unpublished.

iPad Pro, the next generation will have two new connectors

According to “reliable sources in China” cited by Mac Otakara, the next ones iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches they will have the same design, the same body. But two new connectors, both top and bottom on the device (oriented horizontally).

These two new inputs will have four pins. So one more than the Smart Connector, used by Apple to connect accessories such as the Magic Keyboard to its most powerful tablet. And one less than the connector MagSafe 3which allows you to recharge the i MacBook. So a totally new hardware interface for the Apple.

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According to Mac Otakara, these could be inputs designed to load peripherals connected via port Thunderbolttaking advantage of the new DriverKit in iPadOS. But this remains only a hypothesis: at the moment it is difficult to understand their use.

Especially since Apple seems to have decided to place two in the body of the iPad Pro. It could be just a choice of convenience. But given the difficulty of having to then test iPads for safety and resistance to water and dustit seems difficult to think that they are not two for a good reason.

Apple had introduced it Smart Connector in 2015 on the iPad Pro, to then introduce theUSB-C n2018 and a door Thunderbolt in 2021 (thanks also to M1). This seems like a new evolution, but in what direction?

Apple should unveil the devices in the coming months, but it seems not at the event of the September 7, when it introduces iPhone. We should therefore wait a little longer to discover the usefulness of these new ports.

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