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Galaxy S23 Ultra is easier to repair than last year’s model

Samsung made it easier to disassemble and repair Galaxy S23 Ultraaccording to experts from iFixit. While it looks a lot like the Galaxy S22 Ultra eternally, it’s easier to disassemble inside.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is easier to repair

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Samsung hasn’t provided repair guides for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the experts at iFixit found it easier than usual to take it apart. THEThe display separates more easily from the rest of the smartphonefacilitating replacements in case of accidental breakage of the panel.

iFixit also reports that the 17 screws present inside they are easily visible, plus they are all of the same type – a single screwdriver is enough to handle them all. Removing the battery is also easy, there’s just a blue tab “easy to pull” on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, there appears to be plenty of adhesive to keep the battery attached to the frame. It takes some work, then.

In the video below, iFixit reports that Samsung also uses the same tab on the S23 and S23 Plus.

According to iFixit, the range Galaxy S is moving in a positive direction, but not as fast as other top-of-the-line smartphone makers. For example, the YouTube channel reports inferior repairability to the iPhone 14 and there are no software locks to prevent third-party replacements.

In total, the rating is 4 out of 10: therefore far from sufficient. But better than last year. Furthermore, iFixit explains that if Samsung were to release a repair card and sell replacement parts, it would come to enough.

A big step forward also in repairability, for this smartphone which is really at the top for the rest.

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