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Galaxy Unpacked 2022, what we expect from the August 10 event

Samsung announced that the next event Galaxy Unpacked will be held on 10 August 2022: but what do we expect to see at the event? With the Nothing Phone (1) and the last Pixel from Google which debuted in July, Samsung wants to close the summer with announcements that can make all rivals forget. But what will they be? Here are the most probable hypotheses, based on the latest rumors.

What do we expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked on August 10, 2022

The invitations have arrived, complete with cryptic messages to find out the date: the next big announcement event Samsung will be on August 10, 2022. And even if they remain silent on the specs from Korea, it looks like it will be an event full of gadgets and news.

So much so that on the Samsung site you can already “Reserve” the gadgets without obligation to purchase che are about to debut. So we expect to see news both on the front smartphones, smartwatches and even true wireless earphones.

But with Samsung’s vast product catalog, figuring out exactly which smartphone, smartwatch, and earbud are coming isn’t that simple. But the rumors (and the historical precedents of recent years) give us a clear idea.

What to expect from the Galaxy Unpacked 2022: folding smartphones

In recent years Samsung has waited for the summer to show the new leaflets. One way to avoid ‘overlapping’ its two top of the range: the Galaxy S are the ‘classic’ smartphones that determine what to expect from the top of the range of any other brand, and open the dance between January and February. In the summer, the leaflets arrive: new and original, to show how much Samsung in this field is running faster than the others.

Already from the official invitation, we can understand that they will be the protagonists of this summer event.

Perhaps the most awaited is Galaxy Z Fold 4, that Samsung wants to launch after the success of the previous model. We expect a processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 pfor maximum power and a more flexible folding screen with even thinner bezels. Most importantly, we expect the crease in the middle of the screen to completely disappear, according to the latest reports.

Even the new Galaxy Z Flip 4 it should have Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, also it should improve battery and charging. However, if the cameras of the Fold 4 are in line with the splendid ones seen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, those of the Flip should remain. one wide and one 12MP ultrawide.

This year, like last year, we do not expect upheavals but rather a continuous improvement in the quality of the two smartphones. Ideally, Samsung would like the Flip to become the foldable alternative of the base Galaxy S and the Fold of the Ultra version: a flagship and an ultra-premium choice, both reliable and quality.

Two new smartwatches on the way

In addition to the folding, Samsung will also dedicate the right time to the smartwatches of the series Galaxy Watch 5. We speak in the plural because it seems that a version will be added to the basic model “Pro“. The latter should have the largest screen and would actually replace the “Classic“.

Unlike last year, however, the rotating crown will no longer be there, while Samsung has worked to make it more performing devices, no frills. THEn particular from the point of view of batterywhich should have a much higher autonomy.

The new true wireless earphones

Finally, it looks like Samsung is ready to unveil the new onesi Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. These headphones will replace the original Bud Pro, launched in early 2021. They will be earphones with active noise cancellation and good audio quality. Although many doubts remain about what other features Samsung wants to launch on this product.

Audio quality isn’t everything, with more and more manufacturers putting smart news in their headphones (see the automatic translation of the Pixel Buds Pro coming out later this month). What will be the factor that will differentiate the Buds 2 Pro from the competition? The launches of the special versions “Pokémon”of the Buds 2 are undoubtedly interesting, but what will be the peculiarity of the basic version. At the moment the rumors about this product are rather vague, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

Le Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Then let’s expect other news on the line “Bespoke“, With customizable versions of smartphones and other Samsung gadgets. And maybe some other software or services news: the rumors suggest that it will not be a product-only event.

But to have official confirmation, we should wait for the August 10, 2022 for the next event Galaxy Unpacked by Samsung. What is the most awaited news for you? Let us know in the comments.

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