Galaxy Watch5: arriva il monitoraggio del ciclo mestruale basato sulla temperatura corporea thumbnail

Galaxy Watch5: here comes the monitoring of the menstrual cycle based on body temperature

Samsung Electronics today announced that the body temperature measurement adds to the existing tracking feature period calendar based. Users Galaxy Watch5 e Galaxy Watch5 Pro they can now get even more in-depth information to manage their menstrual cycle and their overall health. Starting today, the new feature will be rolled out progressively via updates to the Samsung Health app in Korea, the United States and 30 European markets.

Thanks to the Galaxy Watch5 series it is possible to monitor the menstrual cycle

To predict the start date of the next menstruation, people rely on temperature measurement, as basal body temperature (BBT) varies according to the menstrual phase. BBT should be measured immediately after waking up and before any physical activity or interaction with surroundings. To obtain accurate basal body temperature readings it is necessary to measure it first thing in the morning, a process which can be impractical and which can sometimes be forgotten. Samsung’s new feature automates this process, making it easier and more convenient.

Natural Cycles to monitor changes in body temperature and predict the menstrual cycle thanks to the Galaxy series

The cycle tracking function is managed by Natural Cycles. Integrated with Samsung sensor technology, it allows users to monitor changes in body temperature, which is a good estimate of basal body temperature, during a night’s rest and right from the wrist. The Galaxy Watch5 series uses the infrared technology for more accurate readings, even when environmental conditions change. The advanced cycle tracking system helps users track ovulation and more accurately predict the start of the next period.

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Samsung Health, the Galaxy setting

To activate it, users must select Cycle tracking in Samsung Healthadd the most recent cycle information to the calendar, and then activate “Predict menstruation with skin temperature” in Settings. The values ​​collected during the previous month are displayed as a graph in Cycle Tracker, showing users their expected period, ovulation and fertile window. All collected data is encrypted and securely stored on your device, giving you more control over how it’s used.

Period Tracker also analyzes the symptoms entered in the daily diary and provides relevant information and advice based on these, such as a day of relaxation to deal with a particularly tiring period or light exercise to relieve PMS pain. Additionally, the Samsung Health app also suggests useful content for improving holistic health during your period, such as guided stretching or meditation lessons to reduce stress and getting an optimal night’s rest, which is essential for a healthier life.

La parola a Hon Pak, Vice President e Health of Digital Health Team, MX Business di Samsung Electronics

“Samsung’s holistic view of wellbeing has evolved our sensor innovations, delivering health insights that empower users,” he said. Hon Pak, Vice President e Health of Digital Health Team, MX Business di Samsung Electronics. “The new infrared temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch5 further enhances our offering of health features, providing more convenient ways to track and fully understand your health.”

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