Le fotocamere di Galaxy Z Fold 3 non vanno se sblocchi il bootloader thumbnail

Galaxy Z Fold 3 cameras won’t go if you unlock the bootloader

Users of Galaxy Z Fold 3 should be especially careful if they want to unlock the bootloader of the smartphone: they risk disabling the cameras of the Samsung fold. Indeed the experts of XDA Developers have noticed that the Korean company, it is not known whether by mistake or by will, has made it difficult to root the device.

Galaxy Z Fold 3: Cameras don’t go if you unlock the bootloader

Since Android was born, one of the possibilities for smartphone buyers is that of unlock the bootloader. This way users can load programs and alternative versions of the operating system, giving them the same freedom they find on a PC. Google itself provides instructions for unblocking Pixels – if you can’t block this trend, make it more secure.

Samsung has instead decided to make this feature more complicated for users. In fact, unlocking the Galaxy Z Fold 3 bootloader activates security Knox, that prevents you from using features like Samsung Pay. This is to avoid possible abuse, even if the practice of root itself is not illegal: many well-meaning users do it. Among these are the developers of XDA Developers, who noticed a strange thing when unlocking the smartphone bootloader.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

In fact after loading an alternative operating system to Samsung’s, they noticed that cameras are disabled. This can also lead to the smartphone crashing. Plus the phone will come completely erased, also deleting the files saved in the memory.

It therefore becomes impossible to use Face Unlock, take photographs and use third-party apps that involve the use of cameras. However, relocking the bootloader everything returns to work as before (even if the deleted data is lost forever).

Android developers are famous for the creativity and passion they put into these operations, so we are sure that sooner or later some programmers will be able to get around this block. But most users will have to resign and use the Samsung software, without modifying it. The good thing is that it works very well.

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