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Game Developers Conference: Xbox has more than 3,500 new games in development

In a recent series of announcements released across Xbox Wire, the Microsoft Game Dev blog, and the Xbox podcast, Microsoft revealed the latest news that emerged during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024. These updates highlight Xbox's commitment to supporting game developers globally and in promoting an inclusive work environment.

Game Developers Conference: Xbox is developing more than 3500 games

Xbox has announced that it has established collaborations with over 5,000 developers spread across 147 countries, demonstrating an unprecedented commitment to global growth. With more than 3,500 games currently in development and over 4,000 titles launched since 2013, of which 1,000 in the last year alone, Xbox confirms itself as a reference platform for the gaming industry.

Additionally, Xbox has extended its support to more than 100 new developers located in emerging regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa and India through the initiative ID@Xbox. This effort has helped bring a variety of new games to Microsoft's console, further enriching the offering for gamers.

Gaming for Everyone Product Inclusion Framework per gli sviluppatori

Also noteworthy is the Gaming for Everyone Product Inclusion Framework, a public resource that aims to guide video game developers towards creating more accessible and representative products. The framework focuses on four key areas: accessibility, representation, globalization and accessibility, collectively known as “Inclusive Growth Doorways”.

To facilitate the adoption of this framework, Xbox has made available a Resource Hub, which offers practical examples, best practices, and case studies to inspire and guide developers. This set of tools has been refined internally by Xbox since 2019 and is now available to all developers who want to create more inclusive and accessible games.

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