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Gamer mouse, keyboard and headset: is Razer the right choice?

Pro player.
It is a term that has now entered our lives. An English language to indicate a professional gamer, someone who has decided to dedicate himself, body and soul, to a video game.
Still sounds weird, right?
Yet if we said the same thing about a sportsman, no one would have anything to say.
Think of footballers, swimmers, basketball players, cyclists… They too dedicate themselves body and soul to a single activity. And it is considered normal. Healthy, even.
So why can’t we have the same attitude with pro players?
Mainly because we still don’t have a clear idea of ​​how it works.

In the common imagination, professional players are simply extremely passionate kids who spend all their time in front of a screen.
This is not exactly the case.
Become a pro player it means having the right dedication, following a strict training schedule, eating adequately, exercising, and even having the right hardware. Why not, not all gamer headphones are created equal. Not all keyboards guarantee the same performance. Not all mice can help to be accurate and lethal.

A week with Razer products

The market today is full of products dedicated to gaming.
Of any band.
And so finding your way around this jungle is often difficult. However, there are some brands you can bet on, certain to bring home high quality products. Among these there is Razer, Californian company that for years has been producing peripherals suitable for both new players and exporters.
And it is with Razer products that we spent the last week, between games of Rainbow Six Extraction, Apex Legends and League of Legends. We tell you how it went.

The Razer Viper Ultimate mouse

razer viper ultimate mouse

It’s the smallest element of our Razer setup but that doesn’t mean it’s the least important. In reverse, the mouse can be the deciding factor in a fight.
Think, for example, of a shooter, where it is vital to aim and shoot faster than the opponents. In that case, the difference is made by your reflexes as well as the mouse you are using.

But let’s go back to ours Razer Viper Ultimate and above all to one of its main features: is a wireless product.
Old-fashioned gamers may already turn up their noses: in the past “wireless” meant “slower”.
But today things have changed: wireless devices have improved a lot and industry specialists, such as Razer, have found ways to close the gap with “wired” products.
That’s why on board the Viper Ultimate we find la tecnologia HyperSpeed, studied and designed to make the product 25% faster than the competition. How? With a high bit rate, low click latency and the ability to easily switch frequencies in the noisiest environments, where there are already several wireless devices.
All this allows the Viper Ultimate to guarantee the same speed as a product with the cable.
With a plus, that of do not have the thread that limits or holds you back during the most coincidental gaming sessions.

razer viper ultimate

However, this is only one of the elements that we appreciated during our test.
Razer Viper Ultimate uses the optical sensor Razer Focus+ to ensure 99.6% resolution accuracy. A very high percentage that helps you to be accurate and lethal.
Plus you can count on optical keys from Razerwhich they offer a response time of 0.2 milliseconds. To make this possible is a particular technology that is based on infrared light instead of traditional physical contact.
Let’s try to explain it to you better.
Normal mechanical switches send an electrical signal following a metallic contact. So two elements collide with each other, but generating more than one impulse. This is because we normally have some sort of rebound which then leads to more signals. That’s why the software intervenes at this point, eliminating all that is superfluous and making sure that only one click is recorded. This operation occurs naturally in a few moments and normally we do not even notice it.
In gaming, however, this very short period of time, necessary to neutralize the rebound, can make the difference.
This is where Razer’s optical switches come into play, because there is no physical contact and therefore no bounce to be eliminated. One less step that translates in a response time 3 times faster than traditional mechanical switches.
You understand that, for a professional player, this is a huge advantage in competition.

Razer Viper Ultimate mouse wireless

In addition we have 8 programmable buttons, 5 built-in memory profiles and a battery that guarantees 70 consecutive hours of play.

Finally we have to consider the design. Razer Viper Ultimate is not only symmetrical – and therefore suitable for both ambidextrous and left-handed players – but it is very light. Its 74 grams make it easy to handle without compromising its resistance.

All these elements contribute to giving life to a product that is suitable for both pro players and novice players. In fact, the former can count on a mouse that is designed to win, the latter can rely on an extremely intuitive object. You will not need special knowledge and settings to exploit its potential: just connect it to the PC with the appropriate USB receiver and you’re done.

The Razer BlackWidow V3

Razer BlackWidow V3 mechanical keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V3 it is a mechanical keyboard. Or better, THE mechanical keyboard. Because the BlackWidow series, now in its third generation, is perhaps one of the best known and most used in the world.
It is currently available in 3 colors – Black, Quartz and Halo Infinite – and two variants, one with green Razer switches and one with yellow Razer switches.
What changes?
The green switches are the traditional ones, designed to offer tactile and auditory feedback combined with optimized actuation and return points. This allows them to offer very high typing and gaming performance. However, keep in mind that they are the noisiest. If you want something quieter you will have to opt for the yellow switches, they boast softer attenuation but still ultra-fast.
Whatever your choice, know that in the end you will have a very high quality product in your hands, with switches designed both to offer excellent performance, therefore also suitable for a tournament, and to last over time.

Razer BlackWidow V3 switch

But the Razer BlackWidow V3 offers so much more. First of all the switch housing is transparent, which enhances RGB lighting effects. Among other things, at the moment there are over 150 games that boast integration with Razer Chroma and which can therefore support the dynamic reaction function to promote greater immersion; among these Fortnite, Apex Legends, Quake Champions, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and many more.

The keys are also made with great care: the walls are thicker to make them more resistant to wear while the particular printing process avoids the disappearance of the writings.
The body is instead in aluminum with matt finishes. A combination that makes the keyboard as robust as it is elegant.

Features Razer BlackWidow V3

We then a multi-function wheel and multimedia keys, that you can configure with Razer Synapse software, the ergonomic wrist support, included in the box, and several grooves that help you route cables to keep your desk tidy.

Razer really thought of everything, bringing the a complete and performing product which during our test week has more than satisfied us. The BlackWidow V3 performed great, resulting responsive and extremely comfortable. Not only during gaming sessions, where it obviously gives its best, but also in the course of daily activities, such as writing emails and texts or for controlling music playback.

The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro gamer headset

With the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro it was love at first sight. This is because these are gamer headphones with an unusual design. Or rather, here it is the approach that is unusual. Razer has indeed opted for an extremely sober look, without frills and without RGB lighting.
We therefore thought of using them also during some video calls and business meetings and none of our interlocutors thought they were gaming headsets.
But don’t be fooled by the minimalism of the design. In reality, the BlackShark V2 Pro are designed specifically for gamers. Proof of this are first of all the low weight – only 320 grams – and the flowknit memory foam ear cushions: two elements that make them cvery good in the long run, with breathable fabric ear pads that reduce sweat and heat.

razer blackshark v2 pro cuffie da gaming

Under the body we find the best of Razer’s technology, starting from an “old” acquaintance of ours. In fact we have on board Razer Hyperspeed, the same system used by the Viper Ultimate mouse. What is it for? Also in this case guarantees very fast signal transmission and minimizes latency, so you will not have to face audio losses and you can count on perfect synchronization between audio and video.

The sound quality is instead guaranteed by driver Razer Triforce da 50 mm, associated with a special technology. In fact, Razer engineers made sure that every single driver behaved as if we actually had three inside each pavilion. This new patented design allows you to individually manage the high frequencies, …

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