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Gamestop Milano, the first Flagship Store opens its doors

It officially opened its doors on Friday 14 April in Milan Gamestop’s first Flagship Store. It is located in Via Torino, a stone’s throw from the Duomo and in general from the center of the Lombard capital and is made to leave you speechless. Three floors full of surprises, carefully designed to recreate an experience not only of shopping, but involve all fans.

The first Gamestop Flagship Store opens in Milan

It starts from the ground floor and entering the doors you find yourself completely surrounded by a gigantesco LED wall, which envelops the whole room. A’immersive experience which helps to immediately get into the mood and which we are sure will soon be the scene of events and presentations to the public, especially with summer approaching.

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Going down one floor, on illuminated stairs of multiple colors, thanks to the contribution of the Italian brand Twinkly, you can access the gaming arena. Here you can find workstations with which to test all the main titles and test the hardware we are interested in before buying.

Finally, themore traditional shopping area which is located on the first floor. In addition to the main titles for the various consoles and all the traditional merchandise, there are also areas dedicated to the specific passions of Gamestop visitors. Corners dedicated to the most professional tools to create one career in esportsor spaces where you can find everything you need for the streaming. All with the idea of ​​creating a shopping experience that is as interactive and varied as possible.

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Throughout the weekend there will be guests, fans and meetings to celebrate this new space dedicated to gaming fans. If you want to participate or are curious to visit it in the days to come, find the new one Flagship Store di Gamestop in Via Torino, 49 in Milan.

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