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Gen Z & Gamification: innovation in Branded Entertainment

The gaming industry is experiencing a revolution thanks to the introduction of new branded entertainment methodologies, which aim to establish a solid link with Gen Z. This demographic segment, that matters 14.2 million video gamers in Italy with an average age of 29.8 years, it represents a significant slice of the market. The recent event Gen Z & Gamificationheld at the UniCredit Tower Hall in Milan, marked a crucial moment for the sector.

With the patronage of the OBE and the organization of 2WATCH in collaboration with UniCredit Start Labthe meeting saw the participation of over 15 digital experts, brands and creators, who discussed the challenges and opportunities of branded entertainment with a focus on video games.

Gen Z & Gamification

The professionals present shared experiences and branded content projectshighlighting the brand engagement objectives and strategies adopted to reach Gen Z. The event offered the opportunity to explore the evolution of phygital entertainment and to discuss the most effective gamification strategies to build authentic relationships with new generations.

Francesca Perrone (Head of ESG & Star Lab Italy, UniCredit)Laura Corbetta (President OBE) e Fabrizio Perrone (CEO & CO-Founder 2Watch) kicked off the event, followed by the speech of Francesco Sorbino (Knowledge Analyst Marketing Management, SDA Bocconi), which he illustrated how video games can be exploited in the fashion sector to improve engagement of consumers. The first round table, moderated by Valentina Camoni (Head of Strategy FUSE) e intitolata Play the game: how make GenZ love your brandhighlighted the innovative strategies adopted to involve young people, with concrete examples provided by Elena Sensi (Marketing & Communication Director Italy G-Group)Nicola Frega (Senior Off-Platform Manager of the Dozen) e Andrea Chirolli (CEO & CO-Founder Futura).

The second part of the “Gen Z & Gamification” event gave space to creators, with Bryan Ronzani (commentator of gaming and esports events)Raffaele Bottone (IlSolitoMute) e Giada Bessi (ambassadors of Asus and Everyeye Host) who shared their experiences in the sector gaming ed esports. Moderated by Matteo Pogliani (Board Member OBE Academy and CEO 40Degrees), these discussed how to transform promotional activities into valuable content for new generationshighlighting the importance of tailoring messages to their audience.

From the brief to the final report: how to build a successful project for Gen Z

The second round table, entitled From the brief to the final report: how to build a successful project for Gen Zsaw speakers explore and discuss the process of creating engaging branded content new marketing strategies to connect with Gen Z. They provided key insights for a gamification efficacee examined new trends such as the use of AI and CGI technologies and the importance of esports.

Giorgia Viviani (Branded content manager of Factanza) illustrated how information is adapting to new generations and the opportunity represented by new media to engage new audiences. Subsequently Fabrizio Fiorentino (CMO & CO-Founder 2Watch) described the evolution of live gaming events, such as the University Master, and the use of new technologies to create content that engages Gen Z. To follow Luca Lanza (Partner and Consultancy Practice Director Kettydo+) underlined how gamification is essential not only to maintain interest but also to establish meaningful contact with the public. In the end, Wang Yi Alex (CEO and CO-Founder HMBLE) shared his experience in creating successful branded campaigns in the world of esports, capitalizing on the enthusiasm of fans.

These sessions offered a comprehensive overview of how companies can use gamification and other innovative strategies to build lasting and meaningful relationships with Generation Z, an increasingly influential target in the modern marketing landscape.

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